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#Alex O’Loughlin – Who loves him and why? UPDATE

I just try to carry the sense of integrity and authenticity I had in the beginning of my career, because I think that’s what makes people interested in you in the first place. It’s important not to lose that.

— Alex O’Loughlin, Movieline, 19 April 2010

This is an update on the previous post Alex O’Loughlin – Who loves him and why? about where the love for Alex are in the world. Just for the sake of interest (and because I am weird and like statistics and numbers), I did a comparison in regards to the populations of the countries that follow our blog and the number of views we got over the last 7 months and listed them according to rank.

Here is the outcome:


I just want to say that Switzerland are so far ahead on the count that they can’t easily be beaten. I think this gives a clearer picture of how big the following for Alex (or more accurately for our blog) are in the different countries. I was quite surprised by how the figures worked out.

  • So although the USA show more than a third of the views, because of their large population they only landed in 8th position
  • Australia did a lot better than I thought they would and they are in second place at the moment
  • There are a few countries that made this top list because they have such a small population and that increased their position quite a lot – Slovakia, Finland and Czech Republic.
  • Our followers from Croatia and New Zealand made the list, because of the small population and they are actually doing quite well I think!
  • This comparison also show how big the support in Portugal really is.

mahalo for all the view

I think it’s ignorant if you’re going to pursue a career in acting to allow yourself to get any sort of celebrity status and then be angry about it. I completely accept the loss of anonymity as part of success in this career I’ve chosen. But it doesn’t change the fact that I can get agoraphobic in crowds and that I spin out sometimes when I get too much attention, or that I get anxious, or that I’m sensitive.

— Alex O’Loughlin, GQ Style, March 2011

Thanks again to everybody for responding and following us and for promoting Intense Study. We hope to bring you many more days of fun with Alex!



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