Dr Andy curing with his face

Let´s all get sick and let this doc cure us with his eyes, smiles, compassion and touch 🙂



andy-stumped andy-speechless

Feeling so much better now 🙂


by | March 8, 2013 · 12:15

13 responses to “Dr Andy curing with his face

  1. *sigh* just what I needed to soothe my stressed out soul this Friday night , thanks Dr Andy ♥ feel like making a house call? 😉


  2. Dr Andy is always ready for house calls 🙂


  3. FOYeur

    I personally think we have been robbed from seeing more of this gorgeous man as a doctor. He was a perfect doctor!!


  4. canadagirl66

    Awww…I needed me some Dr. Andy!! I’ve been feeling very depressed not having good internet access and not being able to visit here!!
    I’m heading back to the land of wireless today…so I can’t wait to see sweet gorgeous Dr. Andy on the big screen and all the other pretty I’ve missed this week!!


    • I missed you here this week. I tried to be extra naughty this week to make up for your absence 😉 Have fun catching up 😛 You might want to pace yourself so you don’t spontaneously combust! 😆 Can’t wait to see all you comments!


      • Yes there was a void of naughtyness this week…was getting a bit worried. Looking forward to reading your compliments 😉
        I love it when you get going 😀


  5. ACA with FOYeur! I hope we get to see him as a doctor again on the small or big screen. Love all of these, but the first pic with the tongue..yum by the way…his eyes are glowing. They have magical powers on my panties 😀 Then there’s the last gif with him batting his eyelashes and flashing that fricken sexy smile. I’d probably get thrown out of the hospital for grabbing him and pulling him into my bed. 😛


  6. Mina

    I had a doctors appt today, why couldn’t my doctor look like this,just saying.


  7. Beautiful,gorgeous loving. brilliant Dr Andy I miss you


  8. gracenotpark

    My fave Alex role. *sigh*
    Your pictures are beautifully done. *sigh again*


  9. Marta

    I never liked being sick, go to appointments or to the hospital but I think it would be a hypochondriac if i had Dr. Andy as a doctor.


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