Sweet bamfs






Comparing these two law officers, I do believe they share the same genes 😉


by | March 5, 2013 · 17:18

34 responses to “Sweet bamfs

  1. Karen

    Especially their “back fields in motion” – ooohhhh baby!!!


  2. Lisa Fozo

    Oh my….. Wiping off the drool


  3. Lexy McLoughlin

    Sweet BAMF???? Lol


  4. Badaboom! Genes/Jeans you make me grin from cheek to cheek… (His left and his right bacon cheek) 😉


    • paula

      I forgot to change the title, I was thinking of jeans versus cargos…oh well, who cares, it is the view that counts 😀


      • Title? Trousers? My eyes were caught by something more pinching. Oh no wait, I wanted to pinch it! Yea thats it… Anyway, You made my day! Thank you. Mwah


  5. Hello!! Love the animations!! That man in Jeans is Beautiful 🙂 🙂

    One question, Has Alex been working out between H5-O’s Season 2 and 3, cuz he looks a lot bigger in Season 3.. of the pictures I have seen.
    Haven’t watched any of Season 3 yet, I am a late comer to the show *hangs head in shame*.
    I am waiting for Season 3 on DVD, and then watching. Currently drooling over 1 and 2 🙂


    • paula

      Alex is fitter this season. He got sick with pain medication because of a shoulder injury and lost weight in so 2 (to the point that he looked “horrible in episodes 216-219 especially). Anyway we love him more in his current “massive guns” form 😀
      So 1 is my favorite so far 😀


  6. buttercup

    OMG!!! Are you trying to kill us 😉 ? Seriously 😉 ? OMG 😉


  7. Manu

    As much as i love Kevin Steve gets my vote all the time 🙂


  8. Longer hair, scruff, sunglasses & jeans? kevin was the best thing about The Shield.


    • heymomo

      I never watched the Shield! Except for that chair scene of course…
      Thanks for showing me the best bits, Paula!!


      • paula

        I have had these dvd´s for a while now, yet I haven´t really worked on them till now. I am surprised how many sweet moments Kevin has. He has been smiling and looking cute 😀 I doubt he could have worked at the Barn for long, he wasn´t quite as nasty as the regular characters.
        He was lover 😉


  9. Those handcuffs on the back of Kevin’s ass are almost as sexy as Steve’s thigh holster. He was ” bad boy hot” as Kevin, but Alex as Steve is how I fantasize about him the most. His beefy body, bulging biceps and muscular thighs…*fans self* I do agree that his season 1 body was nearly perfect…an Adonis in cargo pants 😉


  10. dem guns be mighty 🙂 and…those cargos are just the right fit!!!


  11. LaHagela (The Tinkler)

    Kevin was the only piece of eye candy on that show, and in ones of the gif’s up there he looks oh so happy to be a part of it ;-P


  12. vanduyn

    I can’t even express the pleasure this post brings to my life!! Good Lord! I love Alex as Kevin. I love Steve too but there are not good gifs out there of The Shield until now!! Bless you Paula!! Yummy!!


  13. Farkspark

    Oooooh a Kevin sitting in chair and leaning back pose lol! Hmmm I think we need to start with leaning and then progress onto sitting poses……because again, he sits like a man at ease with his body, especially seen as mick. He sits in such a fine fine way as mick….and as Kevin…..and as Steve……sigh……leaning first though, Paula lol.


  14. Sweet and HOT–My favorite combnation OH YEAH !!!


  15. canadagirl66

    Boy oh boy have I missed these boys…and all you girls too!!
    Ummm…is it just me or is Kevin happy to see me?!! HOLY.HELL…that’s quite a concealed weapon. I’d be willing to commit a crime if I knew he’d point that thing at me and yell “GET DOWN, PUT YOUR HANDS BEHIND YOUR HEAD AND SPREAD YOUR LEGS!”

    hmmm…I wonder if he’s rougher on repeat offenders? 😛


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