Alex O’Loughlin …….Is it Déjà vu?

“I love playing different roles, the more variety the better. Once I’ve played a role I don’t want to play it again.”

–TV, Alex O’Loughlin

On reading this quote, one can presume Alex meant he didn’t want to portray the same type of character twice. We think he should have a closer look at some of the roles he played before. ….. 🙂

Let’s refresh his memory:

  • Two of the characters Alex played, fell in love with a woman already pregnant by some other faceless guy – Zoe in ‘The Back-Up Plan’ (via a sperm donor) and Mary in ‘The Incredible Journey of Mary Bryant’ (via a prison warden). He hooked up with both of them and by the looks of it married and fathered children with them both as well – that is if we take for granted that after the closing credits of ‘The Back-Up Plan‘, Stan and Zoe got married and had another baby or two. Of course Mary and Will already got married it the story and did have a boy together.
  • Alex played a serial killer on two occasions – Vincent in ‘Criminal Minds’ (killing his “mother” over and over again) and Michael in ‘FEED’ (feeding his “mother” to death over and over again). They are two very different and unusual serial killers. Both traumatized and triggered by their own mother’s death in their youth. Both of them with “jobs” that involved recording things (and specifically these women) on camera and using computers for editing. Michael used this footage to feed his site and it’s followers. Both them became victims in the end. And also, both creating sympathy from the audience in the end even though what they did was horrible.
  • He actually played six roles as a thief or potential thief:

In two of these  roles as criminals, he played guys with a lot of tattoos, that would not hesitate to kill somebody in cold blood if needed – Marcus in ‘The Invisible’ and Russell in ‘Whiteout

Two other thieves he played, were not hardened criminals but more like nice loveable guys that were victims of their circumstances that also found a woman and fell love (and hopefully better ways) – Will in ‘Mary Bryant’ & Jack in ‘Oyster Farmer

The other two thieves did not really have anything in common, apart from the fact that Alex played them in his youth on Australian TV – Luke Anderson in ‘BlackJack: Sweet Science‘ and Ian Mack in ‘White Collar Blue‘. And
it also turned out that Ian was not a criminal in the end.

  • Two of the characters Alex played, were guitar playing and singing musicians. – As Mick the human in ‘Moonlight’ and Marshall in ‘August Rush
  • Before Steve, he played an officer in Law Enforcement, twice. In both roles he fell victim to the Man-Thing :wink:. – As Deputy Eric Fraser in the movie ‘The Man-thing he was killed by the Man-Thing monster in the swamp and as Detective Kevin Hiatt in ‘The Shield he fell victim to the Man-thing monster 😉 of lust when he was let go from the Barn, for getting it on with his fellow officer (on a chair).
  • Alex played a “farmer” on two occasions – Jack the Oyster farmer in ‘Oyster Farmer’and Stan the Cheese farmer in ‘The Back-Up Plan
  • Alex has been involved in two very memorable Bromances on TV so far  – Mick and Josef in ‘Moonlight’ and Steve and Danno in ‘Hawaii Five -0’.

And here are some other odd and random connections in Alex’s career.

  • Two of the women who played leading ladies opposite him, played vampires before they starred with him – Kate Beckinsale from ‘Whiteout’ and Sophia Myles from ‘Moonlight’ both played vampires in ‘Underworld
  • Two of his leading lady co-stars played the Jane Austen’s character Emma – Kate Beckinsale from ‘Whiteout’ played Emma in a TV Movie in 1996 and Romola Garai, his wife from ‘Mary Bryant’ played Emma in the TV mini-series in 2009.
  • Alex and Jonathan Rhys Meyers (his brother in ‘August Rush’), both played characters loved by a woman played by the same actress, Romola Garai in two different TV series – ‘Mary Bryant’ and ‘Vanity Fair’. Both men fathered a boy child with her in the stories.
  • Alex and his kissing partner in ‘The Holiday’, Odette Annabel,  both got their first lead roles in  American films released in 2010. Odette in ‘You Again’ and Alex in ‘The Back-Up Plan’. Previous to that, both of them had been in other films, but Alex was the lead in an Australian movie ‘Oyster Farmer’ and in the other films they were  not cast as leads. They have both changed their surnames since their earlier screen careers’ but for different reasons. Odette changed hers from Yustman to Annable, because she got married and Alex changed his from O’Lachlan to O’Loughlin to honour his grandfather.
  • Alex and Scott Caan, his co-stars in ‘Hawaii Five-0’, both played opposite Gabriel Macht in other movies – Alex in‘Whiteout’ and Scott in ‘American Outlaws’.
  • Alex and Sophia Myles, his co-stars in ‘Moonlight’, both played opposite Kate Beckinsale in other movies  – Alex in ‘Whiteout’ and Sophia in ‘Underworld

Alex saw Jordan Belfi die twice in front of him in the roles he portrayed – As Josh in ‘Moonlight’ Episode 11 and Spencer in ‘Hawaii Five-0’, Episode 1:14. Both times he was shot and in those cases, Mick and Steve both on the one hand did and also did not really want him to die

  • Both of his loves in ‘ Moonlight’, Beth and Coraline, were romantically pursued in other roles by an older man played by Rufus Sewell. In those movies, they were both in love with a younger hunk at the time – Sophia as Isolde in ‘Tristan & Isolde’ and Shannyn as Jocelyn in ‘A Knight’s Tale. In both cases the younger men took part in medieval combat methods for the lady’s honour and amusement.
  • As Mick, he was twice turned into a vampire in ‘Moonlight’. The first time by Coraline, his wife. He despised her for it, because she did not give him a choice and surprised him with it on their wedding night. The next time by Josef, his best friend, who he begged to do it for the sake of his love, Beth.
  • Alex played in two films directed by Brett Leonard, released in 2005. In both these films the actors Jack and Patrick Thompson and Matthew LeNevez co-starred with him – ‘The Man-Thing’ andFeed
  • Alex played two characters with names starting with an “S”Stan in ‘The Back-Up Plan’ and Steve in ‘Hawaii Five-0’. They both can be seen as his breakout roles into a broader international market – one in Television and the other on the big screen.
  • Alex played four characters with names starting with an “M”. Two of them starting with ‘Mic’MIChael in ‘FEED’ and MICk in ‘Moonlight
  • And there are MARshall in ‘August Rush’ and MARcus in ‘The Invisible’, that started with ‘Mar’.

Two of his TV shows receive the ‘People’s Choice Award’ for ‘Favourite New TV Drama’. – Moonlight‘ in 2008 and ‘Hawaii Five-0‘ in 2011. One was cancelled after the first season, the other one is still going strong……..

Most actors will probably have  a lot of things happening more than once in their careers. I presume there are a lot more of these funny coincidences in regards with Alex and his career. We can add as we come across them in future. Please let us know if you have found any of your own…..


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32 responses to “Alex O’Loughlin …….Is it Déjà vu?

  1. Tima

    Great summary. Another one is William Sadler plays Alex’s father in H50 and played his uncle in Three Rivers.


    • FOYeur

      And William was in August Rush as well with him… 🙂
      David Field also appeared 4 times with him on-screen
      And Jack Thompson 3 times….


    • FOYeur

      Thanks Tima, I was in such a hurry to answer earlier. Welcome here with us.
      I was thinking of including all those people that he worked with on so many occassions, but it just became to much.
      Think I should do that and all the guest appearances by actors from Moonlight and Three Rivers etc, that now also pop up on Hawaii Five-0.
      The list is getting long with them as well! 😀


  2. Tis is like the AOL Six Degrees of Separation game! Great post!


  3. Alicia

    “Look at all that cheese”!! <— DY.ING

    Wow, Beth was a bit scary as a vamp. Kind of makes you think about whether Mick would have ended up turning her in say, season 4, and – FU CBS!!!!


  4. Manu

    WOW that’s such an in depth study, I loved reading it 🙂


    • FOYeur

      Thanks Manu. I was just lucky to watch most of these movies and TV shows within a short period of time and realised all the connections.


  5. Thanks FOYeur. This was so much fun to read as well as very informative and interesting. This is such a wonderful site !!Never ceases to amaze and entertain me


    • FOYeur

      Thanks Dear! ♥
      And thank you for always cheering as on with your lovely comments. It makes it all worth while to see others enjoy our picture stories as much as we like doing them ..!! 🙂


  6. heymomo

    This is a super fun post!!
    I knew some of these connections, similarities and coincidences, but others were new to me. Great work ladies!!


  7. Lexy M.

    I had wanted to know where the chair sex scene came from. The Shield, dang should have watched that show.


    • I bought the entire series on DVD JUST to see the chair scene…best $80 I ever spent!!!


      • buttercup

        That’s what I call real dedication 😉 ! I’ve watched that scene too, and his face is so dedicatedd (to stay with the words) he really put all his acting skills into it, or whatever else!
        I really not miss 1day on your site! Such a great job/research you do with every post! Thanks so much, I love to share thoughts with you all!


      • Lexy M.

        Someone needs to upload to YouTube 👀


        • canadagirl66

          I’m a technodinosaur but if someone would tell me how I would definitely ablige. I would hate for anyone to miss the best 20 seconds of TV EVER!!


  8. Damn girl… this is SO good!! I started reading this while I was getting ready for work this morning…it was so damned interesting that I couldn’t put my phone down until I finished the entire study…let’s just say that I made it to work just under the wire!!
    Great job with all the pics…LOVE the pop-up captions too!!
    Thanks for another fantastic intense study FOYeur!!


    • FOYeur

      Thanks CG!
      Paula did such a wonderful job with the Header – I think it is soooooo beautiful!
      And the gifs of “Josh” dying captured all the drama surrounding it pretty well!….I wonder if the two of them had a bit of deja vu when shooting the H5-0 scene. It is kind of funny!


      • The header is really LOVELY Paula….SO.MUCH.TALENT!!!

        Yes, I’m sure that Alex and Jordan (that just doesn’t sound right…my first instict is to call him “Josh”) had a few laughs shooting that scene!! And I wonder if Alex kneeling over Jordan was part of the script or was it their shout out to ML?! 😀


  9. Marta

    Foyeur, i never thanked you enough for these great studies that you do for us. It is a great post. I just hope that you always have time and inspiration to continue to delight us with your words and Paula’s gifs.

    Thank you girls!


  10. Poor Rufus Sewell, always the swarthy bad guy! 😆

    This is great work!! Very fun!!


  11. LaHagela (The Tinkler)

    Wowwwwwwwwww………thats a whole lotta Alex (insert joke here). Hollywood is a small world.


  12. Interesting read P and F. Loved the pics of Sophia as a vampire. And you can never have too much cheese.


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  14. Dorian Gonzales

    I loved this article chaulk full of info (I already knew 99% of it) on Alex’s career. I hope Sophia doesn’t mess with MCRoll!


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