#AlexOLoughlin – Lost in Translation

Paula found a quote of Alex from one of the interviews he did with an Italian magazine. We found it refreshing and new. It made us realise that there must be lots of jewels hidden in all the non-English printed media.

We found the original article done by Fransesca Scorcucchi for Vanity Fair Italia, 26 May 2010, on ‘The Alex O’Loughlin Italia’ site. Paula asked her friend Manu to translate it for us in English – A BIG Thank You to her for helping us with it!:

Pictures used in the article from The Back-Up promotional pictures and Carlotte Moye photoshoot in 2010

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Alex O’Loughlin & JLo

Where did she find such a builder?

As a child he saw a musical and decided to become an actor, then he forgot about the promise and started working in constructions, in the mean time he had become a dad. He talks about everything, but not about Jennifer’s butt….

“God please don’t let me faint” A lot of new-dads say this prayer in the delivery room. Easier for it to happen if the new dad is 20 years old, like Alex O’Loughlin was when his son Saxon was born. The confession comes out when we are talking about another delivery, the main scene in the movie “The Back-Up Plan”, currently in the cinemas.

A romantic comedy about a serious subject, in vitro fertilization. It’s the story of Zoe, obsessed with time running out, not having found the right man to get married and have children with, she decides to change the order of events, she’ll have a baby first and then maybe she’ll meet the right man. And the right man, Stan, arrives the very day of her appointment for IVF, he is confronted of a big dilemma, he is in love but should he accept the full package, Zoe plus the twins?

Starring as Zoe, Jennifer Lopez, who comes back to make movies after an absence of 4 years and after having her own twins.

Starring as Stan, Alex, a good looking boy with dark hair and blue eyes, single (last quoted girlfriend model/actress/singer Holly Valance), with his strong accent from his Australia, where Saxon lives with his mum, whom Alex never married, and muscles that, if you’ve seen the movie, you won’t be able to ignore.

“I have trained a lot for this role”, says Alex, “my only duty was to be beautiful”.

Mission accomplished, in one of the scenes, Jennifer Lopez, distracted by his pectorals, trashes her car against a tree.

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What would you do in Stan’s shoes?

Alex: If I was in love with a woman and found out she’s having twins who are not mine, would I stand by her? It would be easier if the children were from a random sperm donor. Not from a man, flesh and blood, whom one day might ask for the “parcel” back”

And if the man was there? Would you fight to keep him away?

Alex: I would throw him of a bridge. Just kidding, I don’t think there is much to fight about in the feelings department. The woman I will give my heart and my fidelity to, she has to love me as much as I love her. If she doesn’t love me as much as I love her, I don’t want her.

I don’t accept to be, in a couple, the one that loves the most. But if her feelings are as strong as mine, there can’t be any third wheel that matters, because she has chosen, and she has chosen me.

Having said this, I would still throw that man of the bridge.

You have a very romantic concept of love, and yet you are single….

Alex: We are always more romantic when we are single…

What’s the most romantic gesture you’ve done in your life?

Alex: I can’t tell you, I don’t want to offend my ex’s to whom I haven’t done it.

You’re smart more than romantic…

Alex: The truth is that I don’t believe in big romantic gestures. Being romantic to me is being spontaneous, you can’t plan like “I’m going to buy a ton of rose petals and spread them around the house…”

You are Italian, I don’t need to explain to you what a romantic gesture is.

Explain it to me.

Alex: Ok, it’s just to grab a rose from a bush, even if you end up with your hand full of thorns, because in that moment you feel like showing her how much you love her. Being romantic means being a bit stupid really…

What does your son say?

Alex: He says “Dad find yourself a girlfriend”. He wants to see me happy.

Do you think it’s more difficult to find a girlfriend for someone who already has a son?

Alex: Absolutely not. But having a child is something that puts everything else in perspective, even the need of having a woman at your side.

How did you become an actor?

Alex: As a kid I used to go to theatre with my mom. Once I saw Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, a musical by Lloyd Webber. I couldn’t tell you much about the story but I remember thinking, as if it was yesterday, this is what I want to do when I grow up.

I started with plays at school, and the most beautiful thing was to feel the public, even if I couldn’t see it because of the lights on the stage. Then I forgot all about it, and for some time I did 1000 other jobs.

In which field for example?

Alex: Construction for example, but nothing very fancy. Mine wasn’t an important role.

Were you like an architect?

Alex: No, more like a builder.

Is it better to have a big role in a rubbish movie or a small part in a masterpiece?

Alex: The first. I’m interested in my character, that’s what I can work on, everything else is out of my control.

I prefer to shine in a mediocre movie than to be un-noticed in a masterpiece.

The most difficult scene in The Back-Up Plan?

Alex: The labour in the water. Jennifer and I had a laughing fit, we couldn’t stop anymore. We had to stop filming, go for a coffee and come back much later.

There is a scene in which Jennifer shows her famous butt, you have seen it close, can you tell us how it was?

Alex: Have mercy on me, do you really want me to talk about Jennifer Lopez’s ass? I’ll just say that Jenniferis still a very nice piece of …. young woman.”

Magazine Scan:

There must be a lot of other beautiful articles about Alex O’Loughlin from other countries and from different languages.

We would love the see more of them and we want to ask all the non-English speaking fans to help us to find (and maybe translate) more of them.

The International journalists have a refreshing look at him sometimes.

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Thank you in advance for any help on this project!! 🙂


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21 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin – Lost in Translation

  1. canadagirl66

    Awww…thanks FOYeur for posting this. I LOVE to read his interviews…he has the most fascinating things to say…always so open and honest!!
    And I LOVE that he admits to being spontaneous (sigh)….cause I’m not crazy about the big romantic gestures…there is always that untrusting part of me that thinks “OK, what has he done?” 😉


    • FOYeur

      Yes, every time I read one of these new gems about what he says………I want to see/read even more. He is such a breath of fresh air for me, in the make belief world of entertainment!!


      • canadagirl66

        That’s exactly how I feel too. I’m pretty sure that man is incapable of being insincere and never pretends to be anything but himself. What you see is what you get…and I LOVE what I see!!!


  2. vanduyn

    Thanks to Manu for the translation!! Loves ya Sis 😉


  3. karin@notmcnerd

    Saxon got his wish … in spades!


  4. ““I have trained a lot for this role”, says Alex, “my only duty was to be beautiful”.” – I am dying. So funny.


    • I loved that one too LOL


    • FOYeur

      Do I detect a bit of vanity here, with him?……well the mag is ‘Vanity Fair’….maybe he thought it will be good in there.. 😀
      Can’t help but love him…… 🙂


      • He is a little bit vain 🙂 He likes to joke about his guns 🙂 Just a little 🙂


        • But yet, he said to a fan “that’s my body double” when he signed an autograph on a pic of nearly naked Stan. He does call attention to his guns quite a bit during the commentary on season 1 DVD. 🙂 I love that he is so real and doesn’t take himself too seriously. He is also constantly telling the rest of the cast how great they look. LOVE THIS MAN!


          • FOYeur

            The vanity thing was a bit of a joke from my side. For me what Alex actually meant – and I think it maybe got lost in the translation of the context of the time – Was that he was as a relative unkown movie actor, chosen to be JLo’s sidekick – just to fill up the screen with a pretty face and body next to her well known ass. 😀 (I got that feeling from the numerous articles of the time, of why they chose somebody not as famous as her previous co-stars in her other rom-coms)
            For me in the end, Alex and his ability to become a character outshined them all and he made a very believable character out of Stan – and not only because he has a prettier ass than her! 😛


            • Yes, I agree he has a much prettier ass than hers! I knew you were joking, I just remember him bragging about his guns in the DVD s1 commentary during the “Rambo” episode. 🙂 He is such a goof! A big gorgeous goof!


              • AC

                Sorry, I know it’s been a while since this comment, but could you please tell me what he said about his guns in the DVD s1 commentary ( I don’t have the dvds )


                • He refers to his “guns” in 1.16 commentary. Steve in the jungle hoisting up the heavy tree log by himself. And then his phone rings and he answers and now holding up the log with just one hand. In the commentary DDK says “look how long you are holding it up” since Steve had the long conversation with Danny. Alex then simply replies to DDK “look at those guns….look at the guns” 😀


  5. Thank you a thousand times -and Manu- for this gift! I enjoy it every time he gives an interview and tonight…after reading this, I find myself loving Alex more..and I didn’t think that was ever possible!


    • FOYeur

      You really made me glad about doing this!
      I was hoping people would get the same kind of experience Paula and I got from discovering it…….


  6. I think his ideas have change but is it for the better


  7. Thank you Manu for the translation for Paula and FOYeur for posting it.


  8. amytemple9815

    Good article😊👍

    Liked by 1 person

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