“Undressing” Steve (# 2) – Episode 3:02

We continue our series of discussing the wardrobe choices for Steve. And remember because we are simple-minded, this is all for fun. We also add a new feature to it – we include the Writer and Director, to see who provide us with some good clothing options and who knows how to catch Alex at his best as Steve. You will soon realise why I chose this episode for the second instalment to our series……

Episode 3:02 – Kanalua

(I think it means “Boy in Blue” :wink:)

Time frame:

You won’t believe me but this whole episode happens in one day – those days in Hawaii seems to be pretty long, if you ask me.


  • Attending a funeral
  • A normal day of being a cop in the crime riddled Hawaii, ending it off with dinner with the Ohana.


Joe Halpin


Fred Toye:

FOYeur: He directed three Moonlight episodes – Fever, Out of the Past and Sonata. That in itself says a lot  – three of my favourite episodes of Moonlight. This was his third episode of Hawaii Five-0. I personally think they should give him some more to do. He clearly knows how to get the best side of Alex :razz:.

Paula: I had no idea! Should I pay more attention to these details 😉 On another note, does this mean we are one step closer to getting Josef or Beth as guest stars soon…I wish!

We start the day with the team paddling out on their surfboards (It looks like they are practising for a synchronized paddling event):

FOYeur: It is so sad that not all of Alex’s tattoos are part of his character as Steve. Whenever he does scenes in water, it is easier for the make-up department to put him in clothes…….Interestingly enough this is the same director that had to work around filming Alex in that bath in Moonlight Episode 4 (Fever) for so many hours.

Paula: Making Steve wear that top, looked a bit ridiculous when everyone else was top-nekkid. Discrimination! PS. just goes to show their orange body paint is not waterproof, and very poor quality all in all.

Please do not adjust your screen, from here on everything is blue

Having a quiet chat with the “girlfriend” about the serious issues of life:


FOYeur: I like it that everything matches in colour – the car, the clothes, the towel…..

Paula: …the sky too…maybe I should have added a Blue Hawaii drink on top of the car to make this purrrrfect…

Rushing to get to the crime scene:


FOYeur: Oops, I thought this was going to be a doodoo free episode – Thanks Paula for spoiling my fun finding this shot 😀 I think my mind skipped over it because I like this blue/grey pants so much. Maybe he should just have less stuff in those back pockets. It definitely weighs his pants down. And how does he sit on all that seemingly hard things in there in any case?

Paula: LOL I did notice the malfunction of blue pants here, but I was concentrating more on that butt under the pants this time, couldn´t resist. Just look how squishable it looks! Who wouldn´t want to sink their teeth/dentures into that muscular perkyness 😀 Ps. he did adjust the pants right after this walk, behind the car door! (bastard)

Visiting an old criminal “friend” in the outdoors:


Is he looking at the camera?

FOYeur: Notice how nicely Steve is modeling his “all in blue” outfit for us.  (If the Governor or the Navy don’t want him anymore, he can always take up modeling :grin:)

Paula: YES! I want more model Alex!

FOYeur: This is about Steve, who is Alex :razz:?

Well maybe the pants are more grey than blue! Are the new pants for S3 made of a type of stretch denim?

Paula: I think he should have some stretch in the pants…just in case he suddenly needs more room in there…somewhere.

Catching up with a possible suspect:


FOYeur: That is what I would call a serious pat down. Nice to be a suspect on Hawaii Five-0, if that is how you are treated. Where can I sign up? I think the clothes definitely fit all the requirements needed for the job it seems. Looks like Steve has no trouble moving fast and make all the “cop” moves. 😀

Paula: That pat down looks marvelous *sigh*. Look at his hand sliding across the hip. “I want a man with a slow hand” and let it be Steve´s.

The Blue-Room is even bluer that usual:


FOYeur: Now that is what I call a perfect pose when you are interrogating an “old” criminal friend. Those pants are really hugging those thighs tightly. *sigh*. The outfit are displayed rather nicely, don’t you think?

Paula: I love his long legs. And this pose get a 10/10.

Showing shock as your “old” criminal friend goes splat under a big truck:


FOYeur: Paula, I wanted to show the shock on his face……..Oh well, we will just have to be satisfied with this. Where the visuals are concerned, I do not argue with my partner. At least this shows part of his wardrobe. :razz:.

Paula: Was there a face in this scene? I only caught this, a shocked butt/thigh action 😉

Rescuing yet another person that has been abducted and held hostage:


FOYeur: Now there you have it on display. This is my main reason for choosing this episode. In all of the episodes so far, of all of the seasons so far, never has this gorgeous ass been more beautifully on displayed than right here. Just perfect, isn’t it?!

Right here and now, I might forgive the new cut pants all their sins. 😀

Paula: I think I now get the cop term “spread them”, definitely better with spread 😉

We hope you enjoyed our little chat. Please feel free to join in…….and always remember, it is just for fun!!


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30 responses to ““Undressing” Steve (# 2) – Episode 3:02

  1. only one thing – you left out “R” in title for post…


    • FOYeur

      LOL Thanks Andrea….that is what you get for trying to do three things at the same time. I only saw the spelling mistake in the second sentence…..there might me a milliom more….!!


  2. Manu

    Having been in bed with the flu for most of the day this post definitely helped to bring me back to life 🙂


  3. Thank you, such a hottie he is. Yummmmm.


  4. Sam

    You had me in stitches again. Love it.

    And I had no idea that the director worked on Moonlight. That’s an interesting fact. I would love to hear his thoughts on the different roles, and in which it was easier to direct Alex.

    Thanks for another great post, I greatly appreciate your sacrifice to go through all those scenes for us. 😉


  5. Melissa

    i wanna commit a crime so so so sosososos bad right now so i can get a proper search like that one 😀 that would be heaven! 😀
    i even temping to help him out and undressssssss all by my self :p


  6. Melissa

    ….. and i don’t know if you have noticed, but that is:


  7. Karen

    Oh to be frisked by that man! Or saved from a trunk! Hell, I’ll even help him loose, oops, meant pick up his pants :-)!! Front views, back views, I’m in heaven right now…. Sigh…. Thanks ladies for your ever diligent work (now I have to go back to work – what a let down.)


  8. Totally addicted to you ,girls!!!!


  9. Colleen Pudwell

    Another great study!! You two make me laugh and I mean that in a good way 🙂 I always look forward opening my email and finding a new study!


  10. LindaSue

    I just love the very thorough research that you ladies do! And you always seem to capture those little moments that are missed when one is watching on TV. Thank you for that last gif -absolute PERFECTION!


  11. heymomo

    Thanks for mentioning the Moonlight director connection, I didn’t know that! So informative! Ok, and also pretty. Lots of pretty 🙂


  12. vanduyn

    Excellent post!! So gorgeous!!


  13. FOYeur

    When I look at this page I see friends from at least 8 countries from around the world, who enjoy what we do. That in itself is worth spending time doing something we love doing….. When we started 6 months ago, our moto was, lets do what we love to do and share it with people that might love reading it was well!!
    Thanks for joining in our fun…..we enjoy you just as much! 🙂


  14. buttercup

    I really appreciate the work you do, I love visiting your page ’cause I know I won’t be disappointed 😉 But for now – I really can’t take my eyes of the last pic!!


  15. Emerald

    Chris Fisher, who directed the Moonlight episodes ‘What’s Left Behind and The Ringer also directed the H50 episodes ‘He Kane Hewa Ole’ and ‘Hana ‘a’a Makehewa’

    Paul Holahan who directed the Moonlight episodes ‘Love Lasts Forever’ and ‘Black Crystal (B.C)’ also directed Three River’s episode ‘Case Histories’

    The Moar U Know 😀


  16. LaHagela (The Tinkler)

    I have nothing to add as I am stuck up top looking at that last GIF…….


  17. canadagirl66

    This post cracks me up and gets me all worked up all at the same time!!!
    Holy hell..watching that pat down makes all three of my girls tingle!!
    I LOVE that entire scene where Steve and Danny meet up with August March. The way that Steve struts up to that bench gets my heart racing..and then the way he stands there during the conversation… oh my ..let’s just say my panties didn’t survive that scene!!
    And last butt certainly not least….there is no doubt in my mind …or my loins…that no one has a SEXIER ass than Alex…NO.ONE!!!!!


  18. LOVE LOVE LOVE! *giggles* The gifs are fab and totally mesmerising ♥


  19. Liana

    I ove him in bue, he’s gorgeous on it. Well, he’s gorgeous with everything,


  20. buttercup

    Best butt ever, EVER! Best header too 😆 !!


  21. dire macuco

    Me diga quando devo cometer um crime e chamar esse homem, quero ser revistada por ele já


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