Alex O’Loughlin ……Is the real man good enough for you? – Part 2

Thank you to everybody who participated with comments on the original article, here and on twitter. All the “Thank You’s” made it worth while. I feel I owe it to all parties involved to explain some aspects further and to bring better closure. I hope everybody will take it in the spirit it is done, as some of it went a bit haywire with the first post. Things were said in general and some people might actually have been arguing about totally different subjects. There was also a request for constructive criticisms and this is my attempt towards that. But lets start at the beginning…..

As you can see by the name of our site, we study Alex O’Loughlin intensely. How did it happen? Alex is a really cute actor that caught my eye one day. I started reading about him and before I knew it I became friends with other people who found him cute. I landed in a fandom for the very first time, mainly because of certain circumstances in my life. I am fairly sure, it will also be the very last fandom I will ever be part of!

Over the years I have admired lots of actors and of some of them, even have all their movies.  But have never been part of any form of fandom. Actors and people in general just fascinate me.

People have always intrigued me and I have subconsciously been studying them and their body language since an early age. Although I haven’t studied body language as such, I know I have a fairly good natural instinct in regards to what I see. As it happens to be, I am studying Alex O’Loughlin now, because he is the common interest to me and my cyber friends.

For me Alex is an actor who have spent 3 years of his life learning and training how to be an artist during his studies at NIDA. He creates art with his whole being. With every role he plays, he becomes a character with his entire body. He shows different mannerisms and general body language according to that person’s character. The whole of him creates art for me. As with his roles, he has also created as a model, painting pictures with his face and body. The photographer gives him a script of what they need and he “talks” with his face and body to them and together they create.
But also on set and in private and public moments his whole body talks to me. People might see a smile and say he looks happy, but I look at him as a whole, to find the truth to what I think he is feeling. I can also be wrong because one snap shot of a moment in time can be out of context. So I would also take context into account if I can. That is just who I am…….

I know it might sound pathetic to people but I am spending my time in “The art gallery of the life of the actor Alex O’ Loughlin” at the moment, and that is who I am! This gallery consists of his work on-screen, interviews, articles, video clips and photos. Hundreds of photos that are all around in our cyber space. A lot of fans make their own little galleries to present this work of art to the world. Websites, Facebook pages Pinterest boards etc. Everyone display what they can find and present it to the rest of the world in their own unique way. Some just re-post things they find, others fiddle  with it creating, fan videos, wallpapers and all sorts of interesting and beautiful things. Some spend hours, finding that perfect screen cap or picture and create their own pieces of art with it, treating others with them on daily basis.

I visit a lot of these galleries and every once in a while I am presented with a piece on display that looks out-of-place and I realize this is not an original “Alex”. A photo that does not fit…….. Some of those fakes are really good but there is always something that seems out-of-place in them. I study it to find out why they feel wrong and when I see what it is, I discard it. But some of these pieces keep popping up and people keep presenting it as originals and it pisses me off!
I feel the need to warn unsuspecting new and old Alex O’Loughlin ‘art collectors’ about these fakes. And I have in the past done so when these pictures present itself. I do not try to protect Alex or to speak on behalf of him or his PR people, because this has nothing to do with them, this is the fans creating our own world and how we conduct ourselves in that world.

I have a little home here of Alex O’Loughlin art, that Paula and I created. I asked her if it would be okay to present the public in general with these fakes to create awareness, so that they can have the knowledge and maybe remove them from the Alex O’Loughlin galleries as originals. Her answer to me was, that she really do not think it is going to make a difference, but it is worth a try……

Stan the man

I knew it would bring some negativity to our home, but I wrote my story anyway, trying to be funny and maybe ended up looking sarcastic about it all. Presenting it to the public in as much of a good spirit as I could find myself doing. And so  Alex O’Loughlin ……Is the real man good enough for you?, was published. I knew what I was doing and that it would annoy some people. A lot of fans frequently use some of the picture in, what I call “photo conversations” on twitter. I always follow these conversations and enjoy them very much. Most of you might not have any clue what I am talking about and those of you that have them, might not be aware that I follow your conversations regularly.

Two or three fans will have a conversation about Alex and with a statement post a photo with it, to illustrate the point. (most of the conversations tend to end up naughty at some point 😛) They are very funny and entertaining to follow – thanks to those who have them, I enjoy you all. But then every once in a while one of these fakes make its way into the conversation to illustrate the point and I get it. But on twitter everybody can follow these conversations and those photos stay in the photo gallery. People see these photos and save them, not knowing they are fake. And there the cycle continues…….

The one thing that clearly came out from the discussion on the original article, was that in our over eagerness to get that newest or most interesting pictures, people just randomly save and redistribute pictures in their own little galleries. Some people knowingly take pictures, crop signatures from the picture and either just save it or put their own watermarks on there. In this process, pictures that were intended as art, now gets status as just a picture and to the untrained eye, they are perceived as original Alex O’Loughlin photos.

Sometimes the first person that saves the picture does mention the original source, but like a message that waters down from one person to the next, the origin and the authenticity gets lost. I have seen many pleas from people to please always quote the original source, then for a while everybody does it until it just start happening all over again.

Angel, I really do hope that this little storm in a teacup that I caused would also result in people honoring your work by not taking it as their own……. it is worth the try.

For me when an artist creates, I evaluate their art by how well they have captured the essence of the original subject. Alex usually becomes the characters that he portrays and therefore I regard him as an exceptional actor, creating beautiful art. This is also how I subconsciously evaluate everybody that uses Alex in their art. Do they capture the essence of the man or that moment or character.

Please know that I have no permission from any of the people who created the following and that I have marked the photos because I do not want to be the source of anybody stealing or reposting these unto their pages or sites. I still do not know who created all these, because the discussion got into general terms, when Angel just said most of the photos I posted belong to her.

I am giving you my thoughts about these very shortly, taking the above criteria into account. I am no art critic, I just go by what I think has been done with the subject used. They are all the photos that I originally posted as well as the ones that were sent to me because people were confused about them or asked questions about them. To guard against confusion I am giving each creation a name – Please note the names are NOT from the creators.

Boy against the wall:

There is no identification mark on this photo, therefore one of the most confusing creations – I still do not know who created it. My main problem with this photo is that it is everything Alex is not – body shape and size as well as pose, gives me no recognition of the original subject apart from his face. There are lots of these type of real photos of Alex, why manipulate one with another body? It just serves not purpose in my eyes and nobody offered any explanation towards its existence.

Not Alex


This picture is also not marked and from there also very deceiving to the untrained eye. I understand why people like it so much… gives us what we all would like to see. The image in total looks good, but on closer look, it is just not Alex. I do not think it was made to be a piece of art, but just illustrating a fantasy. And I also apologize to the creator of it if my previous attempt at being funny about it was in poor taste.

not alex 3

Chocolate fingers:

This picture is also not marked and I presume it has been cropped more than once. We all would like to see sexy seductive Alex, from there the appeal for this one. But once again, it so not Alex or how he would create his art of seduction for me. As far as I can see the photo was also turned around, because to me it looks like we see the right side of Alex’s face and therefore I think it adds even more weirdness to the photo. I presume this was originally created by Angel, because there are similar creations in her collection

Not Alex 4


Not Alex 5

I will write my thoughts about ‘Spike’ and ‘Couch Hunk’ together. Both of these pictures created an uneasiness with me that I struggled to pin point. Why do they make me feel uncomfortable? The answer to that came with another revelation as well. I have a feeling Alex has got a kink in his armour of roles that he is able to play.

For me the facial expression, together with the body language and maybe the clothes as well, portrays some sort of slyness. I think James has that in the original bike picture as well. I do not know if that was what the pieces were commissioned for, but that is what they look like to me.

I realized that I have never seen it with Alex – not even in one of his performances as serial killers did he ever manage any form of sly look. I am afraid that maybe he doesn’t have it in him. On the one hand I hope we never have to see it , but on the other hand it would be interesting to see if he could ever pull it off?!

One thing in each of these at least count in their favor. Spike is on a bike and I think Alex would like it and we all know about Alex’s history with couches……  (If not, read this article: Alex O’Loughlin is having an affair with couches) 😀

Couch Hunk:

Not Alex 7

Motorcycle Angel:

For me this is one of the most beautiful creations from Angel. Although I could see that it was created as “art” in some way, it has been saved on my computer for quite a while, because I like it (I actually have both the original and the stolen remake copies saved).

Two of the reason why I like it:

  • Alex’s face does the talking and the body does not show anything distinctive that says it is not him.
  • The subject of the creation is about something that we know Alex loves. He is a motorcycle man.

Not Alex 12

Outlaw Poster:

Believe it or not, people thought this was a real poster of Alex. For the old fans it might sound strange, but if you do not know that Alex never played a role like this or had hair like this, it can be confusing. Although it is clearly marked by Angel, most photos of Alex are marked by somebody, so it does not really mean that is a manipulated picture. A well created piece of art that seemed to create confusion amongst fans.

Not Alex 8

Navy SEAL in ‘Whites”

According to the very clear marking, this photo was created by Pam. Unless the background is totally erased, it would not be easy for people to crop this signature out of the picture.

One of the pro’s about this photo can also be a con. Alex in uniform – even new fans would know that he plays a Navy SEAL but not all of them might know that there is no real pictures with him in the white uniform yet.

For me with this, Pam is celebrating the current role Alex is playing and therefore honoring it. May the powers that be, hear our request and put him into the Whites as well…….

Not Alex 9

(BTW, something also looks strange in this picture. I haven’t gone looking for the original face of the photo yet and haven’t really studied it well, but sometimes it also looks like the face is turned around? Maybe it is just the way it looks like on another body. I will have to go and study it further, unless Pam tells me of course )


As I said in the original post, for me this picture does not have any merit, because of all the similar yet authentic pictures of these two. The creator of it did an exceptional job in creating a fake, but it is just not Alex!

Not Alex 11

One thing is for sure, there is great talent out there for creating, and all of the above photos clearly illustrate it. The problem mainly lies within our evaluation of the merit of the existence of some and of the artistic beauty of it.

During the comments on the original post, I asked people to think what Alex would think if an unsuspected newbie presented him with one of these fake Alex’s to sign? I did not ask it because I think I know what he would say. I asked it because of something specific I had seen him say from before. At an autograph signing he was presented with the picture of Stan. He joked and asked the person if they knew that it was not his body, but his body double. I know of at least one other occasion where he signed the Men’s Health for somebody with more or less the same words.

I do not know if he is self-conscious about his beautiful body on display and if in the case of Stan he feels like, him without his tattoos, is not him? But he for sure notices what he signs and it matters to him to some extent….



Update: April 2013 I often see this picture posted on Alex O’Loughlin boards – It is not him!



To JLopie1 – Angel surely has a good friend in you. Thank you for defending your friend that felt under attack, without finding the need to twist my words of to make wild assumptions about what I mean and who I am.

To those of my own friends that found themselves comfortable enough to speak on my behalf and vouch for my character and intention – Thank You.

To Paula – Thank you for putting up with me and my wild ideas on a daily basis. Every day that goes by, I really wish to one day have the opportunity to meet in person. I can already feel my sides and jaw hurting from all the laughter. (Ps. We really need to make a plan soon, we are not spring chickens anymore :grin:)


Link to my Pinterest board of these and other fake pictures


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52 responses to “Alex O’Loughlin ……Is the real man good enough for you? – Part 2

  1. I love this article and appreciate the work put into it and say thank you


  2. AnnieOakley

    Wow, Foyeur, you nailed it — I must admit I haven’t studied it in as much depth as you have (and I love you for it), but in all these phony pictures there’s a disconnect between his face and his body that makes it so obviously fake. And there’s something about that FAAAACE – a sweetness he cannot hide, even as a serial killer. Your comments made me think of last season, when he got so thin and looked so unwell – various voices on the net kept saying “he’s fine, he’s just really fit, blah blah blah” but we all knew something was wrong, there was pain in his eyes. Thank goodness he’s better now.
    I too have never been part of a fandom before, and as you said, will probably never be part of one again. But there’s something about that FAAACCE.
    And by the way, this line: “…painting pictures with his face and body….” was priceless — I had to go lay down for a while, my head got swoony. I’d like to paint pictures on that body, with my face!


  3. Lexy McLoughlin

    OMG this was awesome. Thank you.


  4. FOYeur, thank you. Your love for Alex shines through your work and I appreciate you keeping it real on this site. I agree that Alex is perfect just as he is and there is no need to “mess with perfection”. AnnieOakley made a good point about other people’s (not true Alex fans) perception of his physique last season. His body was still beautiful, but his eyes were dark and the pain showed on his face. I have been fooled by a few fakes, but because of your work and this wonderful site, I feel I can spot a fake much easier now. I am ok with fan art, just please mark it as such. I didn’t comment on the last post, but I am in your corner 🙂 I feel I have found something very special here. ❤


    • FOYeur

      Lucky for me I did not study him that intensely back then. But now, going through those episodes and finding sceencaps, just breaks my heart. We actually have our own unwritten rule not to post anything from those episodes unless we need to.
      I know how you feel and thanks for your on-going support ♥


  5. vanduyn

    You totally nailed it!! This is exactly why we love Alex. He is unique and takes on every character he portrays. Body and soul. As much as my friends and I get raunchy about Alex sometimes I honor and respect him. My favorite thing to watch Alex do is act. I love to just watch him act no matter what roll he plays I know he’s going to kill it. He never disappoints me. Thanks so much for this.


  6. Kimphin1

    FOYeur- as usual… so very well researched and written! Your studies are always interesting… and I know that you don’t intend to offend anyone when you publish them. No matter what … I think that we all learn something.

    The dress white picture is actually Kevin Costner in “No Way Out” and you are correct – in the actual photo Kevin is facing a bit more towards the camera. Nice eye!!!


  7. Charmaine

    I am new to this blog. I do not understand why fans or anyone have to mess with perfection. I am a fan of another music star and the fans do the same thing, put his head on another body. Why?! Also, I am glad I found this site. It gives me more insite as to the kind of person Alex is. I didn’t see his previous work before Hawaii 5-0. But then I was younger then, and more naive. I loved him the Back Up Plan. When I saw him shirtless, I almost did what JLo did. LOL. Thank you to the author of this blog.


    • Charmaine

      As to JLo, I meant when she ran her car into the tree, while looking at Stan in them movie. I personally would never get a tattoo, but those on Alex make me swoon.


    • Emerald

      Just in answer to the question ‘Why?’, whilst I don’t personally like real person manips of the celebrity themselves (when they’re meant to be seen as the celeb, and not one of the characters they’ve played – I find it kind of invasive and creepy, that’s just me though), there is a tradition (for want of a better word), especially among people who have been involved in more of the old school style of fandom (from about the 90’s and before), of using these types of pictures to illustrate fan fiction. If you look at the Fanzines from the 70’s through to the 80’s, the fan fiction they contained was often interspersed with sketches, or drawings to illustrate what was happening in the story. Later, when computer technology advanced, and things like Photoshop became available, these sketches and drawings sort of naturally morphed into photo manipulation. Often these photographically manipulated images are made by request of a fan fiction writer, because they wish to add a visual element or illustration to their work.

      Having said the above, this is something that has fallen considerably out of favour in recent times, and many newer fans find these sorts of illustrations of fan fiction to be tacky at best. In a way it’s considered a remnant of a bygone era.


    • FOYeur

      Charmaine thank you and you are very welcome here at our little home gallery of Alex. We hope to share much more of him with everybody – that is unless one of us accidentally press “delete” and the whole site goes poof….. 🙂


  8. karin@notmcnerd

    “He creates art with his whole being.” FOYeur you rock! Thank you for sharing these heartfelt feelings.


  9. Beautiful sentiments,. Beautifully written. Thank you FOYeur


    • FOYeur

      I am still hoping to one day have the privilege to have a glass of wine with you, while we dissect the fine design of ‘dat ass’…. 😛


      • I’m not sure how much of a “privilege’ it would be FOyeur But I guarantee it would be FUN especially if we could meet in Honolulu or Las Vegas To discuss the finer points of what inspired my winning Poem LOL !!!


  10. Emerald

    Just in regards to the quote from Alex about that not being his body, but his body double, I think this might be a good example of the nuances of the Australian sense of humour – very dry, occasionally deadpan, self-deprecating, and unless your tuned into our type of humour and the way it’s delivered, often hard to tell when we’re being serious or not. In that video Alex looked tired and overwhelmed, and may have attempted to crack a bit of a tongue in cheek, self-deprecating joke about how ‘he doesn’t really look like that’, and the delivery was a bit off. As far as I know he didn’t use a body double in The Back Up Plan. I mean why would he have needed to? He’s already spoken about how hard he worked out to be in shape for the role, the fact that he got down to some ridiculously low body fat percentage, he’s already done nude scenes before as well, so why would a body double even be necessary.

    When my friend and former partner in the Alex O’Loughlin Fans for Donate Life, Sabine Atkins, met Alex back in 2010, she described him as being more of a nerdy, offbeat professor type, extremely photogenic, but nothing like the smoldering hunk that many fans may think of him as. Maybe it’s a little weird to him that even though it’s through his characters, and his physical preparation for those characters, some fans seem to have this image of him as being how he appears on screen – totally different to the person he is in real life. If I was an actress, in a similar position to Alex, I probably would have made the same sort of comment if someone handed me a picture of myself in a role as a character that I felt was pretty far removed from me as a real life person. I wouldn’t be making the comment seriously, instead it would be my own self-deprecating, dry, Aussie sense of humour coming to the fore.

    Just my observations. 🙂


    • As FOYeur said, of course Alex was joking when he said that it was a picture of his body double that he was signing…just as he was joking when he appeared on Ellen in 2010 when that gorgeous screencap of him coming out of the ocean in S1, episode 2 (Ohana) was put up on a big screen behind him…he said something to the effect that that body wasn’t really him but rather it was a suit that he zipped on. These are just a couple of examples of Alex’s self-deprecating humour…which I think he uses to down-play his looks sometimes.

      I do recall another video of Alex signing autographs where a picture was put in front of him and he said “that’s not me” and did not sign it. I don’t know if it was one of these manipulated photos or a picture of a completely different person…but it does prove that he looks at and cares about everything he signs.


      • Emerald

        I’ve seen one video where he refused to sign a picture that wasn’t him, and catching a glimpse of the picture, it really wasn’t him. Some professional autograph hunters just go out and approach anyone they think could even be remotely famous, without having any idea who they necessarily are, just to make money. Pretty unscrupulous if you ask me. 😦


  11. Great job FOYeur…really,really, great job!! I think this follow-up post really helped to reinforce your message…a message that was unfortunately misunderstood by a few people the first time.
    “He creates art with his whole being. With every role he plays, he becomes a character with his entire body. He shows different mannerisms and general body language according to that persons character. The whole of him creates art for me. As with his roles, he has also created as a model, painting pictures with his face and body. The photographer gives him a script of what they need and he “talks” with his face and body to them and together they create.” <<<<THIS….is EXACTLY how I feel…and EXACTLY why I feel so passionate about this issue.
    Thank you for all the time and energy you put into all your posts and for always protraying Alex as his beautiful, authentic self!


  12. Emerald

    “For me when an artist creates, I evaluate their art by how well they have captured the essence of the original subject. Alex usually becomes the characters that he portrays and therefore I regard him as an exceptional actor, creating beautiful art. This is also how I subconsciously evaluate everybody that uses Alex in their art. Do they capture the essence of the man or that moment or character.”

    I’m interested, from what you’ve said here, what your opinion then is on alternative universe fan art, such as slash or fandom crossovers between two characters who don’t actually share the screen, let alone the same show? I mean if I take a photo of Mick St John and Josef Kostan, and manipulate or arrange it to imply that they are embracing, does that not mean that I’m therefore not capturing the essence of their characters, considering I’m going against how the characters were portrayed in the canon of the show itself? And how is this any different from someone creating a photo manipulation of a character that Alex has played, such as the one of Stan or the one of Steve in Navy whites (note: I’m not talking about manipulations of Alex himself, just the manips that I am assuming are supposed to be character based). Does it make a difference to you whether it is the actor, or the character being manipulated at all?

    Not having a go, promise, just interested in inspiring some respectful discussion and exchange of ideas. ❤


    • FOYeur

      My remark here was more about painters, photographers and people creating visual art.Somebody like Annie Leibovitz will take somebody and put them in a weird setting and costume, but somehow she still manages to bring the essence of the person to life. Somebody might find her photography ridiculous, but I injoy it.
      You can stretch it to music to – if somebody write a song for somebody spesific (Just a corny example Elton Johns song “Candle in the wind”, that he wrote for Marilyn Monroe and that he also used for Princess Diana when she die)
      For me to create fanfic is creating someting new about a character – I would call it an ulternate universe. It does not change the original character, you just write a different outcome to how that character turned out. I haven’t read a lot of fan or slashfic, but if it was about characters I like and you take away their characteristics that endear them to me, I would most probably not read it further.
      With slashfiction, most of what I have read stayed authentic to the essence of the person. Steve & Danny stayed in character even when they have a relationship – having sex with each other did not change who they are. Or Mick & Josef in essence stayed true to themsleves even if they have a sexual relationship.
      To then create visual art around that does not bug me as long as that art is not portrayed as the original story, but stays with the story to illustrate its own story.
      Interesting how much Alex was agaist it, that for the promotional photos of Moonlight, they did not use the collar turned up over the neck photos of him. For him that was part of Mick, the character that he created…..and they ignored it!
      The Stan pic has nothing to do with Stan for me – I do not know who or why it was created, but according to me it was more to feed the fangirls fantasy about Alex himself. I doubt if anybody wrote a story about a different Stan that they needed that for. I have no real problem with that photo, apart from the fact that people should not think it is 100% Alex that they see. I stare at it every time and think, “If only” we could get the real thing…and maybe even the towel will drop by accident 😉
      With the Navy White – it is no mistery that Steve is a Navy SEAL or something general fans might not know – like in the case of a fanfic story, that only the followers of that story would know. So a fan in general will see Pam’s celebrations of a character that is dear to all of us. I also doubt if there are any fanfic regarding Steve that would make him anything else that a SEAL. – that would really kill that fanfic for me very quickly. 🙂 So even in fanfic that should be him……


      • Emerald

        Thanks for explaining, I totally get where you’re coming from, especially with the difference between making a character completely OOC (out of character) or retaining the character’s true essence even if you have put them in an alternative situation. Setting aside the obvious skill level of the person who created the Stan manip, for example, that to me does come across as out of character. It doesn’t reflect how I saw the character of Stan, so from that point of view it is a little jarring. Having said that, I learnt long ago to just let things slide a lot in fandom, hit the back button, scroll on past, and ignore. Unless it’s something I find really offensive, like homophobia, racism, bigotry, etc, I tend to go with the attitude of ‘hey if that’s your thing, whatever, have fun with it’. That’s just me though.

        So I suppose I shouldn’t tell you that Steve has been turned into a lot more than just a Navy Seal in H50 Fanfic, including a merman (male version of a mermaid) and a rent boy (male prostitute). There was also some discussion at one point of someone possibly turning Steve and Danno into Labrador puppies, because cuteness. Although I suppose I can’t really talk, I did create a banner where I paired up two fluffy kittens and named them Mick and Josef. In my defense it was a bit of tongue in cheek silliness (it’s a long story).


        • FOYeur

          You can tell me that, but I won’t read it….:smile:
          For me being a SEAL is definitly who is…..If the merman or rentboy is a retired SEAL or one taking leave like Steve….I would not mind (Can be a good fantasy)
          I love Yogi Bear and Booboo I saw of Steve & Danny a few days ago
          Making them animals or cartoons…..sound very sweet to me….it is fun!
          And I love fun….


        • Oh Emerald, Emerald !!!!Mick and Josef as Fluffy kittens now THAT I would LOVE to see!!!


          • Emerald

            Here we go…Snarky Kitty + Angsty Kitty = Jock Kitty (One True Purring) 😀

            Josef Kitty is the one on the left, he came first. Remember the old MLL board, back in 2008? Well let’s just say a debate on there at one time started to become a little too heated, so to calm things down a bit some of us started posting pictures of Kittens (I’m sure you remember the Moonlight fandom’s tradition of randomly bursting into Kumbaya and showering threads with Kittens to keep a happy vibe going ;)) Anyway, I posted that picture of the grey kitty, and someone poked their head up and went ‘OMG that kitten looks like Josef’ – hence Josef Kitty was born. Then I decided Josef Kitty needed a Mick Kitty, because, you know, I’m just batsh*t insane that way, and ‘Jock Kitty’ was born. 😀


      • fever (switzerland)

        I know the Girl who made the “Stan-Towel” one. And it was never planed that this one gos out from our forum to the www. She made it for fun, and never have post it as a “real” Alex pic. This was made for fun in a forum and was supossed to stay there. But it looks like someone had put this one, on other sides, and with all the repostings in the last years, the fact that this one is not a “real” Alex picture was not post with the Picture anymore.
        I’m happy this one is the only one who had find the way out. Because there are some more “towels” one, on this side. And one of them was photoshoped by myself along time ago… so im happy this one never had found the way out to the http://www..
        But why i write this here.. i want say that pics like this never was planed to going “out” with the thinking thats someone will see them as “real” ones.
        But there always people out there who cut your work and than telling the people thats a real new Alex pic. (some years ago someone had cut one of my TR Wallpapers and was selling the part with Alex on it, as an new Alex Pic on ebay!)
        And the Navy White .. I remeber… was made from Pam short after the fans did know that Alex will play Steve McGarrett in Hawaii five 0.Long before they where filming the Pilot, and even longer before we got one single Pic from Alex as Steve.. I made one myself around this time for a H5-0 Promobanner.. also a faked Alex one in a navy uniform.. because we had no pics from the serie at this time…


  13. FOYeur — so impressed with the quality of your writing and the emotions and feelings you express here. I’m glad to know you my friend!


    • FOYeur

      You know me and the English language struggle sometimes 🙂
      Thanks for the compliment – ♥
      I always hope not to embarrass my online friends to much 😀


  14. And again very interesting stuff to read 🙂 Good job FOYeur, I enjoyed this very much, same like for the first time – but maybe even more 🙂 Since it’s longer and includes better explanation of the subject 🙂 Aloha! ^^


  15. Emerald

    Since reading both the write ups on this topic, it did sort of jog my thought process that a bit that whilst we (AOL Fans for Donate Life) have permission from Alex’s rep to use Alex’s image in fanart that promotes organ donor awareness, I wasn’t sure if that permission extended to photo manipulated images of Alex, so I thought I’d better just double check with her, after all Alex has kindly agreed to donate a signed picture for one lucky fan to win as part of the competition, plus it’s also been indicated that the winner may have their work featured on Alex’s official Facebook page so I definitely wanted to make sure that I was maintaining a proper sense of respect for Alex with this contest.

    I didn’t send Alex’s publicist/rep any actual examples (mainly because I don’t feel right doing that to a fellow fan without their permission), but I did explain what I meant by photo manipulation, that it involved fans using photoshopping techniques to change things like hair length, costume, and so on. Her response, in essence, was that she didn’t really know anything about photo manipulation and whatever we wanted to do was fine. Obviously we’re not going to that literally, because we are a family friendly site/group, so there will be limits on what types of images can be used, but it doesn’t sound like Alex’s management is too worried about it.

    Just thought you’d be interested to know about this development. I know it doesn’t change my mind on the fact that actor manips do kind of make me feel a bit ‘ewww’ uncomfortable, and they’re not something I particularly like or seek out, but I thought it was at least good to know that someone on Alex’s team doesn’t really seem that bothered either way. 🙂


  16. FOYeur…all the love, mate! I know how passionate (heh) you are about Alex. Great follow up.


    • FOYeur

      Thanks Westy.. Everybody’s support is a somewhat embarrassing. 🙂
      I just had to clear my mind and get things of my chest…..


  17. Olga Wieser

    Hi here is Olga from Austria. I am so pissed of that many people steels the identity from Alex O’Loughlin. So many Alex write to me and want to get in friendship with me. How can I stop this and how can I help to stop fake accounts?
    I notice to me all gmail addresses, telephone numbers and profiles name from fake account on Instagram and Facebook. But where can I forward this? Please give me information and tipp. The police here in Austria can not do anything. I am looking forward for answer from someone who is pissed off how me.
    Sorry for my bad English but I hope you understand.
    My Mail:
    Love greetings to all fans from Alex O‘Loughlin


    • Hi Olga,
      I´m sorry to say, this probleme is already “old”. Those scammer´s adresses were already reported to a couple of criminal investigator agencies in a couple of countries, Alex´s management ….. . That´s all we can do. It didn´t help though because those people operate worldwide and it´s very diificult, if possible at all to get a hold on them. The only thing you can do is block and delete those people on your personal accounts and warn fellow fans every time you “see” them online. You can also post a warning on your own page. And Alex said a couple of times, that he is not on social networks. You can show those articles to fellow fans.

      Hallo Olga,

      Es tut mir leid, das sagen zu müssen, aber dieses Problem ist schon “alt”. Diese Betrügeradressen wurde bereits an verschiedene Stellen gemeldet wie Strafbehörden und Alex´s Management ….. . Das ist alles, was wir machen können. Leider hat das nichts genutzt denn diese Leute arbeiten weltweit und es ist schwierig, falls es überhaupt möglich ist, sie zu erwischen. Das Einzige, was du machen kannst, ist diese Accounts zu blocken und zu löschen und andere Fans zu warnen, wenn du siehst, dass diese Leute mal wieder eine neue Seite aufgemacht haben. Falls du eine eigene Seite hast, kannst du auch da eine Warnung schreiben. Und Alex hat öfter gesagt, dass er in den sozialen Netzwerken nicht aktiv ist. Das kannst du immer wieder weiter geben.


      • Olga Wieser

        Hi Antje
        I know this is a file story . But I just wanted to report that this problem is now a big problem again. And it is getting more and more trouble day by day. As soon as I block a profile the scammer opens a new one. It doesn’t work on Facebook. Facebook refuses to take the profiles off the net. Facebook does not take this problem seriously at all. Do you happen to have a mail address from Alex’s management? There is also a mail address that is supposed to be the management of Alex, where you can buy meet and greet. I also have this address and wanted to pass it on so that this criminal is brought to justice and withdrawn from circulation. Should anyone here have the correct mail address of the management please forward to me. Do you happen to know the name of the manager of Alex? Greetings Olga


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