312 Steve in black tee looking fab


by | January 18, 2013 · 12:14

22 responses to “312 Steve in black tee looking fab

  1. He really looks hot in black


  2. I think I love him in black as much as I love him in white. This v neck has a perfect fit! His arms, chest and OMG his neck look spectacular in it! These are all beautiful pics of Steve, but I really love the b&w and sepia caps. His strong facial features are really enhanced in these.


  3. Liana

    he’s fabulous with each think that he wears, and naked it’s not fabulous, he’s the next to fabulous.


  4. buttercup

    While being in the middle of watching s2 again it’s good to see steve now being fit & healthy again, in black/blue/green shirt and pants white/cam/tan, doesn’t matter, he’s great anyway!


  5. Karen

    Oh yes, he’s even hotter in black – my fav epi of him in black is the final epi of s1 when he went ninja! Smokin…..


    • I loved that too! I recently watched it and tried to capture him in that outfit, unfortunately black outfit in darkness didn´t really come out that well. I must have another go at it.


  6. I like him in black, but I prefer no shirt at all! I want shirtless Steve back soon.


  7. buttercup

    Me again! I have to post my fav blackshirtscene too! S2e22 steve hugging kono after he brings back wofat in the heli! He’s all sweaty, has bloody scratches on his face and smiles, that lovely smile while hugging kono makes me melt too! Can someone do some pictures of that scene, so i can melt some more 😉


  8. I remember when the first promo pics came out of 2.22. There is one of Steve with a huge gun 😉 , thigh holster, he has his legs spread open, black t shirt, looking to the side at WoFat , who he’s handcuffed to, lots of vein porn and some cuts on his face. Lots of feels with that pic 🙂 He was back, healthy and sexier than ever!!!


  9. vanduyn

    Is he not the cutest ever? Love him in black! Fabulous post honey!!


  10. Thanks for these lovely screencaps Paula…he looked amazing in that scene…too bad it was so brief…they didn’t give us near enough black-tee viewing time! In the words of Oliver Twist “Please, sir, I want some more”

    And great choices ladies for favorite scenes of Steve wearing black!! 2.22 was definitely a close second, but my favorite was from S1… Mana’o….where Steve is undercover as the art/drug dealer’s bodyguard…Steve is dressed in black from head-to-toe and carrying a big gun…okay…make that two big guns!! He looked so friggin yummy in that scene!!!


  11. Steve looks especially luscious in black but HONESTLY girls is there actually a colour you DON’T like him in ??JUST SAYIN,


  12. buttercup

    Hey guys, I love that black teeshirt, but check out that @ss in those tan cargos, OMG, it’s huge, and by huge I mean fabulous sexy huge 😉 !


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