Mick And Beth – Destiny, Delicious or Decadent?


What saving [Beth] signifies to him was so enormous and now that she’s come of age and he’s starting to find himself attracted to her… oh man… he wants her to call him Dad and he wants her to call him Baby… it’s all messed up.

— Alex O’Loughlin, Sydney Morning Herald, December 2007.

This article is a response to a request from the following conversation in the comments on our blog:


Okay, I know this isn’t a MickBeth spam, and there’s nary a MickBeth gif in sight on this particular post, but I’ve been wanting to ask this for ages (FOYeur, perhaps fodder for another one of your ‘indepth reports’?).

For those of you who ‘ship’ MickBeth, why? See, to me, the whole ‘I ship Josef/Mick aspect aside’, I find the pairing actually, seriously creeps me out. You’re talking about a chronologically 85-90 year old man, who has been sneaking around in the shadows watching this little girl as she’s grown up, taken photographs of her, which he keeps secreted away in a folder of information he’s kept on her, stored in a reasonably out of the way filing cabinet – and then he suddenly turns up when she’s an adult, and all of a sudden it’s the greatest romance in the history of ever? Maybe it’s the fact that I know victims of child sexual exploitation who were followed and photographed in this manner, before they were groomed for things to be taken further (including once they had reached adulthood, which to me didn’t make it any less wrong) that leads me to have such a visceral ‘hairs on the back of my neck standing up, get it away from me’ type response, but I’d like to hear from MickBeth shippers themselves. How do you get past that aspect of their history and their relationship? I’m genuinely interested to know.

SJ2 (Junk Kicker)

I have heard other people can’t watch the show for that reason… and while I don’t feel as strongly about Mick & Beth as a lot of other people do, I can only say for myself it is just something I had to set aside and not worry about. The fact that in “Click” Beth teases Mick about how weird it is helps, too, strangely. They don’t try to put a mask on it like “This is Totally Normal!” They acknowledge it is not. That honesty in the storytelling makes it easier for me to accept that “fate” (a concept I don’t believe in in real life but is very present in the Moonlight Universe) has brought Mick & Beth together, awkward creepy past & all.

Thanks for the response. It’s definitely not like that aspect stopped me watching the show *waves* Hello, huge Moonlight fan here *LOL* I must admit I was kinda sorta into MickBeth, kind of. Like Josef/Mick was my OTP from the first scene, first episode, but Mick & Beth was more like ‘Meh, they’re kinda cute, I guess, and it’s sweet he rescued her as a child’. But the more relationship developed (and the more insane some of the shippers got) the more I started going ‘wait a minute, hold up’. I guess I sort of expected them to remain this cutesy couple that were more like that one best friend you find and you imagine the possibilities, but know it’ll never happen. Beth had Josh and Mick had his epic sulking (and Josef, of course) & that was okay for me, creep factor aside. But when they started going more in the direction of ‘They’re in lurve, they just can’t admit it’ and Beth found those photos and she’s all ‘I found my guardian angel’ (okay not exactly what my response would have been, but I don’t purport to understand Beth’s character) and they still went with the romance angle even after that. I think, just personally, it was due to a change of writing staff, because if you think about it, up until around episode 11 it was like ‘friends, friends, maybe something more, coyness, more coyness, hey um I think I kinda like you, wanna play pretend boyfriend and girlfriend and be all cute together’. And then it’s ‘Okay Josh’s is dead, Mick and Beth are making attempts at dating, there’s the whole ‘I am in love with her’ confession, and it all ends with them falling into each other’s arms and kissing like there’s no tomorrow (at which point my brain goes – and they had sex, it was an unmitigated disaster, Mick finally came to his senses, and went off to be with Josef instead. My brain is an interesting place to live in sometimes *grin&)

My Thoughts

The question that has been asked – Was Mick a “dirty old man” going after the girl he rescued? Was their relationship perverted by the fact that he saved her as a child and saw her grow up? Was Beth just a girl in love with her saviour?

My observations are coming from somebody that did not really ship anybody in the story. I just watched it in total awe of the magic that Alex bring to the small screen. The romantic girl in me loved Mick/Beth, the passionate hot-blooded woman in me loved Mick/Coraline and I could even see and feel the Mick /Josef connection…….


We as viewers enter the story of Mick and Beth at a very profound moment in time. It was the day Beth changed in Mick’s eyes from being the little girl he saved and protected a long ago, to being a women that stirred something inside him and made him her little lap dog! 😀

She kind of surprised him by being this girl/woman who would do anything to get the story – even walking barefoot through a fountain in the early hours of the morning.


  • Very significantly  for me, Mick never makes the first moves of any advances towards her:

Beth walked up to him and started a conversation with him, she suggested that they work together on the case, she touched his hand the first time when he was sitting in his car at the funeral. She hugged him first. (All of this already happened in Episode 1 – No Such thing as Vampires)


She kissed him for the first time.


She tried to seduce him first when she was high on Blue Crystal – and he was a gentleman who refused her advances.

Maybe she knew in her subconscious who he was, but she also fell in love with him before her conscious mind found the truth.

We can then ask, was their relationship perverted because she was in love with her “Guardian Angel”? Her conversation with the girl in Episode 8 – 12:04 am, never gave me the idea that she had an unrealistic obsession with her rescuer or that she even considered Mick as that person. She was just relieved to find her “angel” and before she even knew that Mick was him, Mick as a man changed the world for her…..


Then everything changed when Josh died and Mick became human. The obvious barriers between them vanished. She was no longer attached and he got his wish of being human again. But even then when she declared her affection towards him first and admitted that she would have rejected Josh’s proposal because of her feelings for him, he did not pounce on her. She told him to get his act together quickly.

Mick admits his love for Beth towards Josef, but he is still reluctant to “seal the deal”. Then a very significant moment – “My Beth”Mick being prepared to give up the most valuable thing for him – his humanity – all to save Beth (again).

For Mick there was no greater sacrifice than to give up his humanity again. That sounds a lot like love to me – caring for that person more than anything else of value to yourself…….


Summary of my own thoughts and feelings on their relationship:

  • I never got the feeling that Mick ever stalked Beth. He only took and kept a few photos of her over 22 years since he rescued her – her case file was rather thin to suggest any form of creepiness. Hardly stalker like and it seems as if he only looked into her whereabouts every once in a while just to keep track. He never had reason to fear that Coraline might come back for her and therefore there was no need for constant protection.
  • Physically they looked good together – if he never turned her, things might have started to look out-of-place with her aging and him not. But it was LA and in a world of Demi Moore’s and Ashton Kutcher’s, that might not have been that weird at all. 🙂
  • Another debate would also be the emotional aging of the vampires. In Episode 5 with our teenage vampire stuck in his puberty, the suggestion would be that for all intents and purposes, vampires remain the emotional age they were turned at. So even if Mick had the experiences of a 90-year-old life – he will never be an old man mentally or emotionally.
  • Mick did not suddenly pounce on her as she became of age. If he was perverted, but wanted to be legal, he would have revealed himself sooner than he did. He would have shown jealousy of her having any relationship and you never got that feeling from his encounters with Josh. He in fact always respected Josh and Beth’s relationship. He even ignored Beth after the feeding in Episode 4. He was trying really hard to ignore her and he felt that she would be safer away from him.
  • Even after Josh died and Beth declared her affection to him, he did not jump right into bed with her. And once again after being back as vampire he asked Beth to give him time to work things out, hardly a lovesick old man stalking his prey.


My final question would be, does one ever get the feeling that Emma and Mr Knightly from Jane Austen’s “Emma” was a perverted relationship in the end? They where neighbours, with a 16 year age difference and he talks about watching her grown up.

Maybe it is similar, maybe it is not…………?



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33 responses to “Mick And Beth – Destiny, Delicious or Decadent?

  1. The story of beth and mick should be put to a novel of differentence of appendon she was perfect for josh not mick


  2. canadagirl66

    I don’t have time for one of my long drawn out comments right now…but just wanted to pop in and say GREAT post FOYeur!!! I can’t wait to add my two cents later tonight!!


  3. annieoakley

    This is awesome, Foyeur, really spot-on. I think Mick’s feelings for Beth throughout have more to do with caring for her like a parent or big brother – she’s really the one who takes it sexual from the get-go. In the voiceover in the pilot he talks about denying himself the touch of another for so long, and suddenly Beth’s touching him, hugging him, kissing him – the poor man had to be confused by what he was feeling. Men are pretty good at compartmentalizing – he probably doesn’t see adult Beth the same way he sees little-girl Beth. It would have been interesting to see what happened once they “sealed the deal” – typically in tv shows where there’s a lot of sexual tension, the story goes downhill fast once they’ve consummated the relationship. So in a way I’m glad the show ended when it did – the second season might have really sucked (no pun intended).


  4. Great synopsis Foyeur!!! And, the photos really tell the story, memorable moments in the one-and-only season. I agree with annieoakley that the way the show ended was really perfect for the two main characters. I always felt that Mick looked at Beth thru the eyes of a big brother since he never tried to initiate any of the affection, and never felt it was in a dysfunctional, or some stated ‘perverted’ way. He always seemed to look out for her well-being. I never got hooked on the age thing either. And, in regard to your question of Emma, it was a totally different time in our history and age was irrelevant due to lifespan being that most woman died young either due to illness or childbirth. I loved Emma too. Thanks again FOYeur.


  5. Great comparison with Emma & Mr. Knightley, it is very similar in that modern readers either overlooking (or also find creepy) an age difference where the young man knew the woman from her very young childhood.


  6. vanduyn

    Fabulous synopsis! I don’t think he was stalking her. Was he now attracted to her? Yes! You can see that in your first pic. Look at how he’s looking at her. I have thought about the fact of him knowing her since she’s a child and now being attracted to her, there is no denying it. But I think the difference is Mick isn’t human, he’s ageless. So the age difference is nothing in their world. And as many of you have said, Beth came on to him. I don’t know any men that would have refused her after she took the black crystal. She was all over him. 😉


    • FOYeur

      ” I don’t know any men that would have refused her after she took the black crystal”
      I think for me the key to it was that he loved her enough, not to except her proposal.


      • vanduyn

        I agree! He loved her and had nothing but respect for her, knowing she would probably regret anything she did under the influence.


  7. Lexy

    This scenario also happens in the Time Travelers Wife where they meet when she’s a child. All three men wait until the women are age appropriate for romance and we have the luxury of knowing the back story that prevents us from being creeped out.

    Sticking with entertainment value, it sucks us in (yes intentional). Real life, we’d want these men punished and the relationships wouldn’t be sanctioned.

    I also have to say that I love the vampire genre and the human/vamp romance always entertains me. I forgive a lot in that instance. Long live MickBeth in our hearts.


  8. Being a fan from the ‘get-go’ I wrestled with this, after all Mick was my Dad’s age! (And I always knew he led a checkered past so I didn’t put anything past Mick St John).

    I was always hoping for more Mick/Cora cause I have always fought the ‘sweet blonde’ deal all my life. If there hadn’t been Coraline….Mick would have never met Beth…and he’d be some old codger in a nursing home by now.

    I knew the drama had to be driven by something and a sweet young thing had to be what tortured good old Mick……

    Too bad we were cheated out of some of everything….(Mick/Cora, Mick/Josef, Mick/Beth….) Ya know?


  9. heymomo

    We’ll never know what happened next after Show ended, but let’s just say Mick turned Beth. Both were turned around the same age, and after a couple hundred years, the age difference between them would be pretty insignificant. Of course that doesn’t erase the fact that he knew her when she was a child… 🙂


  10. Liana

    Sophia always waiting, first The Doctor comes out the fireplace and then that Mick to declares his feeling. But in the case of Mick must be acknowledged that it was worth, the last scene is simply wonderful.


  11. LaHagela (The Tinkler)

    I love the last picture….it makes me feel.


    • FOYeur

      Yes, there is so much emotion in that scene. So near and yet soooooooooo far away. He could “feel” her even through that door!!….sigh


  12. I arrived late to the ML party…only watching it on DVD after I became an Alex fan in 2011. It’s an understatement to say that I was hooked and addicted to ML and Alex after just one viewing. No other character on television has ever affected me like Mick St.John.
    Like you FOYeur, I never really shipped anyone on the show either. “The romantic girl in me loved Mick/Beth, the passionate hot-blooded woman in me loved Mick/Coraline and I could even see and feel the Mick /Josef connection” <<<This is EXACTLY how I feel too and couldn't say it any better so I thought it needed to be repeated.
    Honestly, Alex was just so totally mesmerizing and alluring as Mick that I would have been happy to see him hook up with Beth, Coraline, Josef, the cleaner, the cheerleader, the….well, you get the picture.
    Don't get me wrong, I LOVED to see the evolution of the Mick/Beth relationship…but I think that had more to do with the mad chemistry those two actors had with each other ….they were magic together… and I was drawn in.
    I wasn't bothered in the least that Mick had watched over Beth for years after rescuing her as a child… then felt love and lust for her after she grew up. I think he fought hard to supress his romantic feelings and respected her and her relationship with Josh for a long time – even with Beth pursuing him – before finally admitting his feelings for her to himself, to Josef and ultimately to Beth.
    Subconsiously, Beth knew all along that Mick was the person who rescued her as a child… and I think that a part of her was in love with him because he was her 'guardian angel'. First she felt protected by him as a child then safe with him as a woman – a very alluring quality in a man.
    I would have loved to see what else was in store for Mick and Beth..and Josef and Coraline for that matter. But, sadly we will never know and can only imagine what happened after that door closed us off from all their futures. Damn you CBS…DAMN.YOU!


    • Lexy M.

      What does shipped mean? Sorry keep seeing this.


      • canadagirl66

        Wanting to see certain people together. There are Mick/Beth shippers…Mick/Coraline shippers…Mick/Josef shippers…etc.
        Don’t worry..it was a long time before I figured that be out too!!


      • canadagirl66

        I also should have said that I think it is short for Relationship. Someone please correct me if I am wrong! 🙂


        • Lexy M.

          First unsub from criminal minds now shipped. I’m learning so much from this group. Thanks a bunch.


          • FOYeur

            Lexy, I learn something new every day. I also learn the unsub thing with you the other day and a year ago “shipped” meant sending something to somebody to me… 🙂


      • Emerald

        Considered this an FSA (Fandom Service Announcement) 😉

        Moonlight Fan Speak (Part 1)

        (by no means a complete list – some of these are rare terms no longer used in the Moonlight fandom)

        Copied from an original thread that was salvaged from Moonlightfans dot com – usernames mostly removed to protect the innocent 😉

        Morgaline: A combination of Morgan and Coraline.

        Freshie: A shortened form of refreshment or “fresh” blood. A human who allows a vampire to drink his/her blood. (AKA: a vampire groupie)

        ChickenJosh: One who does something mundane and expects the Congressional Medal of Honor for having done it. (He feeds Beth a Thai Chicken Dish and burns a chicken he is cooking for her. He then protests, “I cooked you a chicken!”)

        BC – Black Crystal – A drug made from vampire blood laced with silver sometimes thought to mean “Before Coraline”

        Vamp Appeal – A Sauve coolness that only vampires have

        Jock — a combination of Josef and Mick — fill in your own subtext

        McBeth or MickBeth – The name given to the ship of those wanting Mick St. John and Beth Turner together forever as a couple.

        Mooncrack- the addiction to MOONLIGHT which brings us all together
        alternate definition: Mooncrack: A series starring Alex O’Loughlin, Sophia Myles, Jason Dohring, and Shannyn Sossamon. Often viewed by squeeing, twitching and drooling fangirls…of both genders.

        Fortress of Style – Mick’s top floor apartment that includes his living quarters and office work space.

        JoBe – pronounced jo-bey, a nickname for the Josef/Beth pairing

        Noun.The vampiric progenitor of another vampire. Similar to a parental figure, a sire is responsible for the humans he/she turns, including teaching him/her basic vampire survival skills

        To “turn” a human into a vampire. This act requires the human reaching a point near

        death (usually due to blood loss after the vampire bites the human) and then the vampire feeds the dying human some of his/her own vampire blood.

        Vampsexual — A Vampire who oozes sexual energy through not only the usual basic vamp appeal but by dressing stylishly emphasizing the use of long flowing coats with collars’ popped, while sporting white gold sylishly significant jewelry, wearing tight fitting henleys and even tighter fitting jeans. Must also have Stylish digs, use super sexy sunglasses and drive ultra cool retro car. Vampsexuals are also cursed with perpetual coolness.

        Lockpicks of Justice — A set of lock picking tools used by a certain vampire PI to gain entry into locked entryways.

        Moonlight Math (n.) The questionable and frequently changing mathematical equations applied to the ages, birth dates, turning dates, and other important calendar events in the lives of Moonlight characters. Irritating for fanfic writers and wiki authors.

        Alexicon (n.) The immense and extremely varied vocabulary belonging to one Alex O’Loughlin. The fatal combination of MENSA intelligence and heartstopping good looks.

        MICKLUST; the never ending craving for an physical encounter with our Vampsexual. Usually accompanied by drooling, hot flashes and the occasional swoon.

        MICKTIONARY; where we keep all our newly aquired Micklanguage

        MickGyver…using the tools at hand when acting as a medic in a crisis!

        Early Gutter Syndrome – Another of dozens of diseases contracted by viewers caused by our gorgeous Mick/Alex! It has a tendency to be contracted on the “Daily Gratuitous Alex shot” thread shortly after visiting. By viewing a photo, the mind goes immediately to the ‘lowest level’ by posting gutter-like comments.

        Assvatar: an avatar created by one Impunity, which is made with the Golden Globes. Hiding certain area’s to cover said globes, does not make it an assvatar. Assvatars do not need embellishments such as snarky/fluffy/funny etc writing or cleverly placed hearts/leaves/or chocolate sauce, etc. Assvatars need to be *couch* clean, unblemished, and EXPOSED in all their glory for all guttermates to enjoy.

        (note: Impunity is the “Queen of all Assvatardom”

        OMM!!! (Oh my Mick!!!) To be used in situations where OMG!!! applies. The last letter can be substituted with J for Josef, B for Beth, and even CJ for ChickenJosh.

        McTool, The noble tool needs no explaining.

        Alexiholic /Mickoholic -addicted to Alex O’Loughlin and/or his character Mick St.John

        Josefitis / Jasonitis – stricken with intense need for Jason Dohring and/or his character Josef Kostan

        Bethfluenza – Viral affliction causing one to have head stuffed with thoughts of Moonlight, Sophia Myles and her character Beth Turner

        Characters in icestorms are referred to as: MickSicle, JosefSicle or Mickflurry, BethIce, CoralineFreeze, etc.

        MickSwagger: A sexy male vampire way of walking made more pronounced and enjoyable by wearing a great belt buckle.

        Mcjunkie (or) Mickjunkie – A seriously addicted Mick St. John fan who needs a minimum dose of Daily Gratuitious Alex Shots within a 24 hour period of time, otherwise susceptible of withdrawal symptoms, shakes, crying, or anxiety. Prognosis – irrevocable affliction.

        Hormone House – also known as the Gaa Gaa Palace. A place, (the Daily Gratuitous Alex Shots forum) where many Willing Freshies (used to) hang out to discuss & show pictures of their favorite Moonlight vamp, primarily by using their hormones to speak and post text and photos!

        Hips Up Baby! – 1. the coordination of a nude body & the camera’s position which accommodates for the ultimate shot during the filming of an AOL movie or television scene.
        2. – a phrase that Alexiholics would love to hear Alex say to them!!

        Golden Globes – 1. American awards for motion pictures and television programs, given out each year as one of the highest honors for actors and actresses. Awarded early in the year, they are based on votes from journalists living in Hollywood & affiliated with media outside of the US.

        2. – A description of Alex’s award winning derriere, beautifully shaped to resemble the Golden Globes. Awarded daily, it is based on unanimous consensus from McJunkies & Alexiholics alike!

        1. error message given by fansite to indicate an excess of squealing fangirls or large size photo postings

        2. Replacement to the “F-bomb” curse word
        used in sentences such as:
        Go Joomla yourself
        Go get Joomla’d
        You are SOOOOOOO Joomla’d
        You are such a Joomla-ing Joomla!

        When in doubt add ER or ING

        texting equivalent
        WTJ – What the Joomla????


        MickFuddled: The state your brain is in anytime you are daydreaming of Mick St. John (only Mick and no one else!).

        Mick’d Up: securing one’s dose, or overdose, of Mick St. John, causing a sudden eruption of hormones and leading the individual to fall into giddy episodes of laughter, tears, and drooling, often culminating with a fainting spell (as in: “Only 40 more minutes to get Mick’d Up!” (credit to Ravenbert)

        HoBeth – Beth who slept with CJ after falling for Mick – then (because of bloodtype AO) ‘HaoBeth’

        MickMaxim….Line tossed out by our angst-ridden vampire as a truism…but which upon repeated plays is revealed as making as much sense a load of fetid dingo’s kidneys…ie:’Now you know why it can never work…”,’Not yours! Not like this….”,”You find out why some people make it and some people don’t…”….What the Joomla does any of this MEAN????

        Mickchisled – A term used to define the perectly toned body of one Mick St.John.

        MickSwagger – Mick’s kicked out walk that causes his belt buckle to sway from side to side. Apparently very pleasurable to watch.

        (from later discussions taken from various places (CBS original Blood Bank, Moonlight VampSisters…)

        Moose – Alex/Mick
        Squirrel – Jason/Josef
        Beaver – Sophia/Beth
        Vixen – Shannyn/Coraline

        Come to the Dark Side We Have Cookies – is a phrase used by some of the Josef/Mick community.

        Josefite/Kult Kostanite – Josef fans
        JM – Josef Muse
        Jpegs – Josef Pantry Exclusive Girls


        • Emerald

          Moonlight Fan (and Fandom in General) Speak ~ Part 2

          (list that was compiled by me a while back – may double up with some of the previous posted terms on occasion)

          Shipping (ie Character Pairing) Terms

          Ship, Shipper & Shipping – Ship is short for Relation-ship, it refers to the characters a fan pairs up as a couple. A Shipper is someone who ships a certain pairing. Shipping refers to the act of pairing up a couple.

          Ship War – Two or more “Ships” facing off against one another for a knockdown drag out fight as to whose Ship is the better.

          Ship Closet – If you are in the “Ship Closet” it means you do not widely, or publicly acknowledge your chosen/favourite character pairing. Usually out of fear of reprisals, or abuse from so called ‘fellow fans’ who may disagree with your particular choice of ‘Ship’.

          Slash, Slasher & Slashing – Slash refers to the same sex pairing of characters (although for two female characters the more correct terms is ‘FemmeSlash’). A Slasher is someone who pairs up same sex character (also refers to people who write and produce Slash Fiction and Art.) Slashing is the act of pairing up same sex characters.

          Slash Ship – Slashing and Shipping are actually two mutually exclusive streams. For example you can ship MickBeth, and still slash Josef/Mick. If you ‘Slash Ship’ it means you both ship, and slash a same sex pairing.

          Triple Ship – Shipping three characters in a relationship. The two main triple ships for the Moonlight Fandom are Josef/Mick/Beth and Josef/Mick/Coraline.

          Dry Docked Ship – A character pairing based on the belief that they were in a relationship in the past, but are not currently engaged in a relationship within the Canon Universe.

          Starboarding – To Ship a character pairing where you believe one character has feelings for another, but they are not reciprocated.

          OTP – One True Pairing. The highest level of ‘Shipping’. If you OTP, it means you forsake all other possible pairings for the one you consider the most true and right pairing above all others.

          OT3 – One True Threesome (as for OTP)

          Super Shipper – This isn’t a compliment. If you’re a “Super Shipper”, it means you take the entire concept of ‘Shipping’ way too far. To the point where you think nothing of engaging in outright abuse, and harrassment of anyone who dares to disagree with you. Basically ‘Super Shipping’ is ‘Shipping’ gone insane.

          ESP – Eminently Slashable Pairing (self explanatory)

          HoYay – Homoeroticism, Yay

          Fan Terms for Moonlight Characters & Character Pairings

          MickBeth (or sometimes McBeth) – The name fans have given to the pairing of Mick & Beth

          MickCora (also sometimes Mickaline and Corick) – The name fans have given to the pairing of Mick and Coraline

          JOCK (also sometimes written as Jock or JO/CK) – The name fans have given to the pairing of Josef and Mick)

          JoBe (also sometimes written as JoBeth or Joseth) – The name fans have given to the pairing of Josef and Beth

          CoraBeth (also sometimes written as CoreBeth) – The name fans have given to the pairing of Coraline and Beth.

          MB – Shortened form of MickBeth

          MC – Shortened form of MickCora

          J/M – Shortened form of Josef/Mick

          Jocketh – the triple ship pairing of Josef/Mick/Beth

          Jockaline – the triple ship pairing of Josef/Mick/Coraline

          Blondie – is Beth. Saint Blondie is a disparaging form of this.

          Morgaline – Coraline in the guise of Morgan Vincent

          MickVamp (also known as Vampy Mick) – Mick St John when he’s Vamped out

          JosefVamp – Josef when he’s Vamped out

          JockVamp – Josef and Mick Vamped out together

          The Emperor – is Josef, it’s more of a Josef Muse writer’s thing.

          OTC – One True Character. Refers to the one character you are most devoted to.

          Fan Fiction Specific Terms

          / vs & – Traditionally speaking the / (Slash) symbol, when applied to characters of the same sex, usually indicates it is a romantic and/or sexual scenario. If the & (ampersand) symbol is used it generally means a friendship only scenario.

          AU – Alternate Universe (ie that which is outside Canon)

          AT – Alternate Timeline (any Fic set outside the Canon timeline of Moonlight)

          BadFic – Fics that are just really not that well written

          Bleeprin – A mythical combination of Bleach and Aspirin. To be consumed after viewing something objectionable, such as RPS or RPF. Bleach to scrub your brain clean from the disturbing images, and aspirin to treat the ensuing headache that comes from Head:Desking repeatedly.

          CrackFic – Fics that are just out there

          DarkFic – Fics that explore dark or heavy themes

          DeathFic – Fics that contain the death of a character

          dl;dr – Don’t Like Don’t Read

          Dubcon – Dubious Consent (any Fic that has a sexual situation where the giving of consent is questionable)

          Gen – is short for General. Usually refers to those stories that don’t have a particular pairing, or any romantic entanglements etc contained in them.

          Het – is short for Heterosexual

          H/C – Hurt/Comfort (One Character suffers in some way, the other comforts them)

          IC – In Character

          JM – JosefMuse. The name some Fans have given to the inspiration behind the writing of Josef, and Josefcentric Stories.

          Multi-Chap (also sometimes just, Multi) – Multi-Chapter. Stories that consist of (usually) more than 5 chapters. They can be anywhere from short story to full novel in length

          Noncon – Non Consent (any Fic that contains a non consensual sexual situation)

          OOC – Out of Character

          OC – Original Character

          One Shot – a story that consists of only one scene. Beginning, Middle, End…that’s it.

          ParodyFic – Fics that are written to be humorous parodies

          Pod Character – A Character who isn’t actually in Character (also sometimes Puppet Character)

          PWP – Plot? What Plot (also Porn without Plot). Smut Fics without any seeable plot or story to them

          RPF – Real Person Fiction (Het). Fan Fiction that deals with the actors/real life people as opposed to the characters.

          RPS – Real Person Slash. Slash that deals with the actors/real life people as opposed to the characters.

          SongFic – Fics where the lyrics of a song form part of the Fic

          Sporking – Refers to the act of taking a (usually) badly written Fic and interspersing it with lots of snarky commentary.

          The Pit of Voles – FanFiction dot Net (often shortened to ‘The Pit’)

          The Pit of Horny Weasels – Adult Fan Fiction dot Net

          TrollFic – Fics that are purposefully written to annoy or get a rise out of people

          Two Shot – a story that consists of two scenes.

          TWT – Timeline? What Timeline (any Fic that doesn’t establish what timeline it is written in

          UST – Unresolved Sexual Tension.

          VSS – Virtual Second Season.

          WAFF – Warm and Fuzzy Feeling (those feel good type Fics)

          Acronyms for Fan Sites & Moonlight Episodes

          BWP – The Blue Whale Pub

          MLA – acronym for Moonlightaholics

          MLD – Moonlight Dreams

          MLF – acronym for Moonlight Fans (the now defunct forum)

          MLL – acronym for the now defunct Moonlight Line

          MSS – acronym for Moonlight Second Season (another forum)

          MVS (or more usually VS) – acronym for Moonlight VampSisters (Messageboard I co-Admin)

          NSTAV – Fan abbreviated name for Moonlight Episode 1 “No Such Thing as Vampires”

          OOTP – Fan abbreviated name for Moonlight Episode 2 Out of The Past

          FDL – Fan abbreviated name for Moonlight Episode 9 Fleur De Lis

          LLF – Fan abbreviated name for Moonlight Episode 11 Love Lasts Forever

          TMC – Fan abbreviated name for Moonlight Episode 12 The Mortal Cure

          FTP – Fan abbreviated name for Moonlight Episode 13 Fated to Pretend

          General Moonlight Fanspeak

          Batcoat – What the fans call Mick’s long coat.

          BNF – Big name fan – (from wikipedia) Among science fiction, comic book, media and fantasy fans, a Big Name Fan (BNF) is a member of a fandom who is particularly well-known, liked and celebrated for their writings in fanzines, semi-professional magazines and (more recently) blogs; or for other contributions such as art and (in some communities) fanfiction.

          Canon – Is everything that is established as fact within the show itself. (eg Stakes paralyse Vampires is Canon)

          Fanon – Stuff that is based on Fanlore. (eg Vampires have beds as well as Freezers)

          FOS – Fortress of Style (Mick’s apartment)

          FW (or sometimes F_W if it’s referring to the site.) – Fandom Wank. Wank is all the stupid, annoying, or down right bad stuff that happens in Fandom. Ship Wars, for example, are Wank. Torch bearing mobs attacking someone for supporting a certain character, is Wank. And so on.

          JPEG(S) – Josef Pantry Exclusive Girl(s)

          Josefites – The Josef Fans

          Kult Kostan(ites) – Another term for the Josef Fans

          RP – Roleplay

          Squee – A combined sound of Squealing and a really high pitched “EEEEEE” (denotes enjoyment of something)

          Squick- To be disgusted by something

          tl;dr – Too Long Didn’t Read. It’s usually reserved for moments when sarcasm is called for. Also sometimes written as Teel Deer, or Teal Deer.

          WF – Willing Freshie

          WFA – Willing Freshie Association

          Verse – Is short for Universe. It refers to where a Fan is orientated at any one time (eg Characterverse, Actorverse, Slashverse, Ficverse, Canonverse etc etc)

          Vidder, Vidding – A Vidder is someone who creates Fanbased Videos. Vidding is the act of creating Fanbased Videos.

          VSRRR – Vampire Solidarity Rah Rah Rah


    • FOYeur

      CG (as our experience were so similar), I wonder if we would have had a different experience, watching ML when it first came out? Having to wait a week for new episodes and then later months for those final episodes?
      I tend to believe we would have felt the same in regards with the Mick/Beth thing. It was portrayed with so much honestly and heart by both Alex & Sophia and I never felt uneasy about Mick & Beth loving each other at all…..


      • I completely agree with you FOYeur. I have so much love for that show and I often wonder why I didn’t watch it when it aired back in 2007…maybe, at the time, I just wasn’t that interested in the genre (wtf was the matter with me?!!). On one hand, I’m upset with myself for not watching it back then but on the other hand I’m glad I didn’t. I have such strong feelings for ML! I fell instantly in love with it after viewing just one episode…and still have a need to re-watch at least one episode every few weeks. I can’t even imagine what it would have been like having to wait a week between episodes and would have been extremely distraught over the writers’ strike and then completely devasted when it wasn’t renewed for a second season. I think my stupidity back in 2007 really protected my heart!!! I know that’s very dramatic but I’m pretty certain that’s how I would have felt.
        I think that watching ML AFTER I was already a huge Alex O’Loughlin fan, definately made a difference on how I viewed the show and the characters. I was very, very focused on him and consequently LOVED his hot, torrid scenes with Coraline as much as I loved his sweet, romantic scenes with Beth.


        • Emerald

          Oh believe me, those were some crazy times back then. The anticipation and build up waiting for each new episode to air, endless discussions ‘what was going to happen next, what about last weeks episode we need to dissect that in minute detail, did anyone notice…’ etc etc, some of the show writers dropping into the forums leaving cryptic messages to let us know they were listening in – and then the next episode would go to air and the discussion board would be in a frenzy, threads were started and within 2 hours they’d already hit 40 pages and were having to be shut down and a new thread opened (no wonder we crashed aka ‘Joomla’d’ the server so many times). It was indescribable the amount of emotions and energy we had back then.

          And then came the cancellation, and for a while we turned the crushing disappointment into a collective high of determination that we were going to get out show back, and for a while it was good and positive (even if we were quite literally working ourselves into exhaustion trying to campaign to keep the show on the air – I’m not kidding there were a lot of fans that were pulling anywhere from 24-72 hour straight shifts, no sleep, barely enough time to eat, just writing letters to whoever we thought would listen and save our beloved show (then several of us actually did end up collapsing, quite literally, and became ill for a number of weeks, so we kind of had to learn to pace ourselves better – but that gives you an idea of just how passionate we were at the time, we just couldn’t imagine a life without our weekly dose of Moonlight and by god we were going to get our show back on air or near kill ourselves in the process!!)

          Then things got progressively crazier, and crazier (and not in the good ‘we’re just having fannish fun’ type crazy way either), and everything started going completely off the rails, and suddenly it wasn’t so good or fun anymore, and then there was badness, a giant sucking blackhole of really sucky, sucky badness. The fandom was almost torn apart thanks to the infiltration of a professional con artist who managed to embezzle the fans out of close to 30 grand, over a period of several months, and when the truth finally came out those of us who were around at the time got to watch the ensuing carnage. A lot of us prefer not to think about those times though, the fandom survived, and matured, and 5 years later things are a little slower paced, but those of us who are still around are just as devoted as ever, even if we are a little mellower. 🙂


  13. Foyeur This was SUCH a delight to read. I enjoyed every word and every comment. Thank you.


  14. Emerald

    Wow, you know this is the first time anyone’s actually been able to explain that aspect of the MickBeth relationship and I’ve actually totally understood the other side of it. Most of the time I get a lot of responses that are very ‘ship’ focused & because I’m not a shipper it’s sometimes hard for me to detach and try to see it through a shipper’s eyes, if that makes sense. But you’ve managed to nail it completely, I can totally see now how someone can see that part of their relationship and not have that sort of ‘I’m just really not comfortable with this’ response to it. I suppose I thought there just must have been a lot hand waving going on, that some fans were sort of just choosing to gloss over that aspect rather than confronting it. Not all fans mind you, I know plenty of MickBeth shippers who ship them because of the complicated nature of their relationship.

    As you know I watched the series when it was first aired, got involved with the fandom a bit later than many others did (around November 2007), thanks to Australia being behind on airing overseas programs at that time. Obviously right from the start I got the whole ‘he saved her as a child’ aspect, but thinking back I don’t think I had a really visceral reaction to that until that scene in 12.04 with the photographs. I could deal with the whole ‘he watched over, and protected her as she grew up’ side of their, at that time, friendship kinda teetering into a somewhat complicated, but still fairly innocent crush, but when I saw those pictures it was like instant shudders up my spine ‘Oh god, I really did not need to see that’ type reaction. Like I said in the previous convo thread, a lot of that most likely did come from, not direct personal experience, but just having known the experience of others (including my ex girlfriend). I guess I was really reacting before I understood what I was even reacting too, and back then the fandom and fans in general, or at least the areas I was most active in, were really big on analysing every aspect of the show to the nth degree, and the more I thought about it, the more creeped out I started to feel. I can see that’s obviously me projecting my own stuff onto the characters and their story, I suppose the same way I did with Mick & Josef and my whole ‘Eternity, literally’ being the height of romantic idealism type deal.

    I never really did see Mick as having those sorts of ‘dirty old man’ type inclinations, even with him admitting he had a dark side. I mean as Josef said the idea of hurting a child is probably what drove him to finally end things with Coraline (in spectacular fashion), he couldn’t have that on his conscience. So I don’t think from that point of view that Mick was ever some sort of predator out stalking his prey and just waiting for the right time to corrupt her, or whatever. But I did feel there was that complicated, there’s some darkness here somewhere, and they’re not just these two big smooshable piles of smooshy love perfection type aspect to their relationship that it seemed a lot of the more extreme MickBeth shippers (here’s a new word for the Micktionary, we called them ‘Super Shippers’ back in the day) were just glossing over, to the point that they way they talked about Mick and Beth’s relationship it was like she was spun sugar and he was a literal saint, and they were both just skipping ‘tra lala’ through a meadow full of daisies. I just never got that.

    Another stellar research and report. 🙂


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