Alex and his aussie sound

From yesterday´s post had a comment about how wonderful it would be to hear Alex say G´day with his cute Aussie accent. I went to look for the video and decided to add a bit of dramatic music to his voice 😉 Can you remember where that tune was played?



I cropped the original video, since I found this bit the funniest 😀

If you still wish to see the original, try this link


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26 responses to “Alex and his aussie sound

  1. This is so funny. I love that you are all so enthralled by Alex’s Oz accent. Because I am Australian, I hear the accent everyday so it’s nothing new for me. (OK, so I don’t hear ALEX in Oz mode but you know what I mean :).) And, yes, some Australians do actually say “G’day” and “mate”.


    • Emerald

      Another Aussie here too, and I find it funny when Alex is still speaking in what, to my Australian ears sounds like an American accent with a tiny bit of Aussie peeking through every now and then, and everyone’s like ‘Oh I love it when he uses his Australian accent’. I’m like ‘Wait, that’s not his Australian accent????’

      One thing I don’t think I’ve ever heard him do is say ‘Yeah, Nah’. Now along with ‘Gday and Mate, that has to be up there with classic Aussie ways of speaking.


      • I know, this post is old. I just read it though. iI´s funny because that ‘Yeah, Nah’ has an equivalent in German. We say it similarly just translated into German. 🙂


        • Diane Murach

          Thanks! I’m laughing now. Reminds me of meeting a Scottish relative who was speaking English and I couldn’t understand a word he was saying.

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          • Yes, I know what you are talking about. I learnt British English in highschool and love that language because it´s richer than German imo. And I thought, I´m able to understand English at least on a basic level. Then I went to York …. . Btw. the same with one of Alex´s series “The Shield”. The first time I completely depended on subtitles.


  2. Emerald, I still think he sounds mostly Oz these days but I can definitely hear the American accent, too.
    I’d seen this before but am more than happy to watch it again – he’s so adorable!


  3. LaHagela (The Tinkler)

    Thanks for all the great posts girls! Can’t wait to see what you have planned for 2013!


  4. Sue (@ONTLLs)

    Thanks for the Great post, love the G’day!!


  5. Diane Murach

    How hard is it for an actor to be able to drop a native accent? Is special training needed?


    • Hi Diane.
      I think accents are easiest if you are a good imitator. Someone once said that Alex is good at imitating people, therefore I think it is easier for him to do than for most other people.
      Yes, actors get training on accents, but not all can do it.
      Alex would have definitely gotten training on it while doing his degree at NIDA.
      They also get accent coaches for specific roles when it is needed.
      Some actors permanently drop their native accents when they move to the USA. Others, just can’t do it at all and have to get cast as having a specific accent all the time.


  6. Cassiopea 1000

    I think it’s very difficult to drop your native accent without sounding phony. A Spaniard trying to speak Mexican or Argentinian Spanish, for instance, is immediately spotted as a Spaniard.

    Alex’s stepfather is American, so he got accustomed to the American accent since he was a child. Even so, he said himself in an interview that he had worked a lot on it. In another interview, he said that sometimes, when he was very tired, his Aussie accent tended to surface.

    Can you imagine McGarrett, a US Navy SEAL, greeting you with an Aussie ‘G’day’? Having the right accent is fundamental for an actor. Luca Zingaretti, an Italian actor from Rome, starring in the Italian show ‘Commissario Montalbano’, a cop show taking place in Sicily, is very much praised for his Sicilian accent, as he learnt to speak like a native.

    A lot of work, indeed, if you are to sound right.

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    • Diane Murach

      Thank you I was doing some reading and they have schools for actors just for dropping accents. I love the interviews when you can hear himself.

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