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Alex about using different accents and using Aussie slang


You don´t want to sound like an idiot.


Slangism, is that a real word?


I like hearing “G´day”.

If you are interested in the original videos, there are 3 over here:

The quality is not very good and even audio is bad, at least I struggled to hear what our guy was saying at times.



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13 responses to “You are here

  1. vanduyn

    I love him here!


  2. karin@notmcnerd

    Thanks for the link, Paula. Hadn’t seen that interview before. That accent! (sigh) Did Steph ever do a ringtone of him saying G’Day?


    • Can´t see that one on her blog. I really wish the audio had been better in these clips so that I could have uploaded the audio bits 🙂 Pretty sure he sayd g´day in other videos too, just a matter of finding them 🙂


      • canadagirl66

        He says G’day in a video when he appeared on Good Morning America to promote TBUP…he was actually in a little segment called “what would men say?”…or something like that. He also says “Hey Baby”..which nearly killed me!!
        I would post the link but I’m a technodinosaur….sorry!


  3. LindaSue

    Oooooooohhhh … I just love hearing that strong Aussie accent. Thanks so much for the link to those videos.


  4. canadagirl66

    These are three great videos and I do wish the audio was better cause I love it when he speaks in a thick Aussie accent…such a turn on!!! Speaking of a huge turn on…that ring on his pinkie finger pleases me very much….HOT.HOT.HOT!!


  5. I lOVE his accent and him .Amazing man!!


  6. Thanks for these Paula, I hadn’t seen them before. To my ear, he sounds very Oz here and I can see how his accent has changed over time, having spent so many years in the US. I can hear the OzUS combination in his accent these days even though he still sounds mostly Oz to me.


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