Cute and even cuter Steve








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13 responses to “Cute and even cuter Steve

  1. Sam

    Aw, that tongue is killing me every time.


  2. OMG! That top gif with the tongue peeking in and out! DEAD! You kill me like every other day at least! lol


  3. canadagirl66

    Awwww…the blinking in the fourth one is so ADORABLE…it makes me giggle!!

    Mmmm…the tongue in the first one is so HOT…it makes me *blank* (this sentence can be COMEpleted with ANY naughty word or phrase!!)


    • Sue (@ONTLLs)

      Oh my.. I agree the “blinking” in the fourth gif is great, I love it.. me giggle too.. Thank you!!
      That tongue, it’s scary re-watching Moonlight and Three Rivers – How many times that tongue shows up!! I spot it all the time now!!
      I guess I should thanks for that 🙂 just kidding 😉


  4. He looks like he sees something tasty in the first one…deep breath and licks his lips….TPD!! I see A LOT of YUMMINESS here! Just a little taste is all I’d need… 😉 but it would be HARD to stop. *SLURP*


  5. vanduyn

    Love the bottom one!!


  6. FOYeur

    Steve’s transformation from being a bit arrogant to being betrayed by the end of this episode was so wonderfully done by Alex….
    In the second gif he is still goofing around with Chin (I will never forget Maha’s comment about his hair in that scene when he refers to her term of eyesexing)
    In the second last gif he sees and realises the betrayal.
    And in that first on you can see the hurt…..well sexy and hurt!!


  7. 2nd gif I love that look!!!, he pulls off amused goofiness so erotically *melts*


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