To Spam or not to Spam…..

We have such wonderful friends and followers who comment on our blog on a regular basis and we appreciate each and every comment. It however breaks our heart to clear our Spam box from all the wonderful messages we receive there daily. We wanted to share some of them with you. We would like to believe them all as they sure sounds like genuine compliments and not like spam at all!! 😉

So thank you spammers, for bringing us some extra fun!

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This post was an equal collaboration by FOYeur and Paula 🙂



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21 responses to “To Spam or not to Spam…..

  1. LMAO!! Love the gifs you chose to go along with the spam! The eye rolling is my fav! 🙂


  2. In honour of the third gif down 😉

    (if the HTML doesn’t work, direct link)


  3. You do an amazing job, thank you very much! you’re great!


  4. Lexy

    The sweet smile for Beth melts my heart. TY


  5. The gif above the eye-roll, his tongue is giving him some trouble LOL


  6. canadagirl66

    Normally spamers are annoying but all these people appear to be v v clever…they know a good thing when they see it!!

    …and thanks for such wonderful gifs…I am mesmerized by his eyelashes in the second and third last ones…they are so long and lovely…oh how I would LOVE to lay sweet, soft kisses on them…*sigh*


  7. Mick is the king of the internet… he has a facbook page & everything! 😉


  8. Emerald

    Okay, I know this isn’t a MickBeth spam, and there’s nary a MickBeth gif in sight on this particular post, but I’ve been wanting to ask this for ages (FOYeur, perhaps fodder for another one of your ‘indepth reports’?).

    For those of you who ‘ship’ MickBeth, why? See, to me, the whole ‘I ship Josef/Mick aspect aside’, I find the pairing actually, seriously creeps me out. You’re talking about a chronologically 85-90 year old man, who has been sneaking around in the shadows watching this little girl as she’s grown up, taken photographs of her, which he keeps secreted away in a folder of information he’s kept on her, stored in a reasonably out of the way filing cabinet – and then he suddenly turns up when she’s an adult, and all of a sudden it’s the greatest romance in the history of ever? Maybe it’s the fact that I know victims of child sexual exploitation who were followed and photographed in this manner, before they were groomed for things to be taken further (including once they had reached adulthood, which to me didn’t make it any less wrong) that leads me to have such a visceral ‘hairs on the back of my neck standing up, get it away from me’ type response, but I’d like to hear from MickBeth shippers themselves. How do you get past that aspect of their history and their relationship? I’m genuinely interested to know.


    • I have heard other people can’t watch the show for that reason… and while I don’t feel as strongly about Mick & Beth as a lot of other people do, I can only say for myself it is just something I had to set aside and not worry about. The fact that in “Click” Beth teases Mick about how weird it is helps, too, strangely. They don’t try to put a mask on it like “This is Totally Normal!” They acknowledge it is not. That honesty in the storytelling makes it easier for me to accept that “fate” (a concept I don’t believe in in real life but is very present in the Moonlight Universe) has brought Mick & Beth together, awkward creepy past & all.


      • Emerald

        Thanks for the response. It’s definitely not like that aspect stopped me watching the show *waves* Hello, huge Moonlight fan here *LOL* I must admit I was kinda sorta into MickBeth, kind of. Like Josef/Mick was my OTP from the first scene, first episode, but Mick & Beth was more like ‘Meh, they’re kinda cute, I guess, and it’s sweet he rescued her as a child’. But the more relationship developed (and the more insane some of the shippers got) the more I started going ‘wait a minute, hold up’. I guess I sort of expected them to remain this cutesy couple that were more like that one best friend you find and you imagine the possibilities, but know it’ll never happen. Beth had Josh and Mick had his epic sulking (and Josef, of course) & that was okay for me, creep factor aside. But when they started going more in the direction of ‘They’re in lurve, they just can’t admit it’ and Beth found those photos and she’s all ‘I found my guardian angel’ (okay not exactly what my response would have been, but I don’t purport to understand Beth’s character) and they still went with the romance angle even after that. I think, just personally, it was due to a change of writing staff, because if you think about it, up until around episode 11 it was like ‘friends, friends, maybe something more, coyness, more coyness, hey um I think I kinda like you, wanna play pretend boyfriend and girlfriend and be all cute together’. And then it’s ‘Okay Josh’s is dead, Mick and Beth are making attempts at dating, there’s the whole ‘I am in love with her’ confession, and it all ends with them falling into each other’s arms and kissing like there’s no tomorrow (at which point my brain goes – and they had sex, it was an unmitigated disaster, Mick finally came to his senses, and went off to be with Josef instead. My brain is an interesting place to live in sometimes *grin&)


    • FOYeur

      Hi Emerald
      I have written my thoughts on the matter of Mick and Beth and their affair on numerous comments on others sites. I will see what I can do to compile all those thoughts into on article….so that we can get everybody to comment with their thoughts from there.
      I am just stuggling with some time constraints and “writers” block right now. (mainly because I am not a writer but a researcher) So many stories in my head and none are making it onto the computer at the moment …. 🙂


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