It´s all in the eyes

One episode, 209, that had so many brilliant looks exchanged between Steve and Danny. I just had to capture these once again 😀 Blame it on Max! And thank you Max 😉 Who wins the best face? Steve or Danny 🙂




And this was the episode when Danny was  crashing on Steve´s couch. A moment for  a  joke, Steve just couldn´t resist (wonder if this comes with black mold) 😀



For a pretty ending, rewinding to the beginning of the episode….poor sleepless McG. I feel like Gollum “My Precious” looking at his shiny skin 😉


Yey for us, up and about, for our viewing pleasure 😉


Add a ridiculously cute smile and we will be up all night.



Had to add this for the Danny girls. Maybe they prefer their guy horizontal too…



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21 responses to “It´s all in the eyes

  1. LaHagela (The Tinkler)

    Could you even imagine waking up to that?


  2. BlueEyedMonster

    Dear Santa this (see above) is what I want under my tree Christmas morning. You don’t even have to wrap it au naturel would be just fine thank you.


  3. canadagirl66

    The gif of him walking…wearing those sweats…ummm….how do I say this without sounding too naughty…oh he//..when have I ever let that bother me…so I’m just gonna say it…the bulging promised land makes me CRAZY!!!!!
    I’ve seen a couple of screenshots of this scene…and well….you don’t need much of an imagination because there is no mistaking the outline of the baby maker!!! I’m pretty sure he knew EXACTLY what he was doing and the effect it would have…cause just look at the way his shirt is sort of pushed up to sit on the waist band when it could have easily been pulled down to cover the…ummm…magnificence!!!!!
    God, he’s such a tease….and I LOVE IT!!!


    • FOYeur

      Him just being him is a tease…… 😛


    • ACA!!!! You said everything I was thinking, (again) especially about the sweats leaving little to the imagination…I’m just imagining what he can do with ALL-THAT! 😯 😛 Doesn’t he sit with his legs spread apart in this scene? I think I need to rewatch…again&again&again….oh my…S&T


  4. Thanks for thinking of us Danny girls. 😉 I love seeing Danny Horizontal, but wouldn’t mind a sweats walk or boxer short walk from Danno either..*grin* Hmmm Love the sweats walk of Steve..looks like Little (Big) Steve was looking forward to something..or it’s just my imagination.


  5. Lovely eppie. And thanks for the added Danno! 😀


  6. Sue (@ONTLLs)

    Love the walk in the sweats but the last gif at the end is the Best.. That smile and his eyes sparkle when he smiles.. the title of this one is kind of deceiving, oh and I believe there was a question of who face is better but posting that “sweats” walks.. all the brain cells kinda.. What was the question??


  7. venia

    this is hard to choose. They play off of each other so well, I can’t tell who has the better looks. i think they both do have all in the eyes.also thak you for the danno shot danno does look cute when he is sleeping steve is hot, well hell they both are hot to me.


  8. veniascott

    will you ladies to a evolution of the bromance for season 3 and the current season


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