Hah – buddies bringing us some smiles :)








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6 responses to “Hah – buddies bringing us some smiles :)

  1. Sure to comment more later, but for now….the white t shirt and the wind blowing the over shirt open 🙂 gets my blood pumping this Monday morning.


    • FOYeur

      His white shirts always look so crispy white and fresh……would love to rip one of those of him……just saying


      • Sue (@ONTLLs)

        I just want him in the White Shirt, just the White shirt, no cover-up.. Was watching S2 last night, and he has a White T-shirt under a shirt, but then they go in Tack-Stuff and he covers it up again!!
        Please, just a White V-neck T-shirt and Jeans.. just once!! Just once!! Like the professional photo’s 🙂


  2. canadagirl66

    Just for a split second during the last gif, Scott looks like he’s pointing at Alex at the exact same time as the huge banner at the back looks like it’s saying SPECTACULAR!!! We know Scotty, we know!!!!


  3. I KNOW they are bringing us SMILES and they are lovely but could I have some HUGS please. Alex and Scott


  4. Best buddies in the world, in Hawaii Five-0 and in real life. Love these guys. They always make me smile.


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