#AlexOLoughlin in One Episode of #H50, so many looks…..

If somebody should ask me to choose any episode from Season 2 to rewatch, this will be it.


Because it just had a little bit of everything we love about Hawaii-Five-0. The Ohana was back together again, we had some Bromance, three fights, a chase on foot, tan cargo’s, red shorts AND of course we got “Da Walk” and that totally perfect body!!

Enjoy some nice lazy Sunday afternoon Steve with me……..



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10 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin in One Episode of #H50, so many looks…..

  1. heymomo

    I will HAPPILY enjoy this with you!! 🙂


  2. Sam

    Aw man, what a cruel punishment it would be to watch this episode again. 😉 Thanks for the reminder.


  3. vanduyn

    A very good episode, indeed! Thanks for the reminder 🙂


  4. A wonderful variety of the same man…*sigh*


  5. Tula

    I can see why you chose this very episode! I remember it almost killed me to see Steve beaten though…got so many tweets from friends checking if I had survived it!


    • FOYeur

      Tula I agree with you on that one……Alex did not have to take those hits to the face to make it look so real.
      I was not really okay with it that they allowed their star actor to do it. For me it would have been okay just to see from a distance some stunt guy being beaten up!!


  6. canadagirl66

    I enjoyed this all day Sunday…still enjoying it today!! I LOVED LOVED LOVED this ep (for obvious reasons) but can’t remember the name of it…no matter..cause I’m sure the English translation is ‘Sexiest man alive will knock you out dead!”


  7. Sue (@ONTLLs)

    Loved the opening sequence to this episode, the hitting of the hands, Lorie, saying what all women were thinking “Your not gonna look so hot, if your nose is over there!”, and then the walk, oh my, the walk.
    I know Alex likes the fighting bits, but if he continues this to other seasons, he is not gonna be able to move much in his older years.
    RDA did his own stunts in MacGyver and now.. he is moving slow!! Just my opinion!


    • FOYeur

      Sue, as far as I know, he has stopped doing a lot of it during S3. His injuries and his problems in dealing with the pain, seems to have been a wake-up call for him that he is not superman.
      He can dish out the pretty and the story to us and let the stunt guys take the hits – that is what they are paid for!


      • Sue (@ONTLLs)

        Totally agree!! Let the stuntman do the work, we wouldn’t want to injury that Eye Candy, anymore then they have too!!


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