OMG! He´s coming to take her away!

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28 responses to “OMG! He´s coming to take her away!

  1. Darn luckiest woman on tv, Sadly I think this was the very ending but I’ll take it


  2. Michelle is the right choice for Cath. She plays this part so well, how can anyone be envious of her. The way she sits on his arms kicking, looks so adorable 🙂 I think Steve even asked her if she likes it…should I go grab the audio…


    • Michelle is perfectly cast as Cath. Could not agree more, Paula! She’s strong, believable in fight scenes, sarcastic without being mean and yet turns on the softness with Steve in the blink of an eye.


  3. I love this! And so much beefiness!


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  5. This is so wonderful!!! I know it is probably the end of the ep and the credits will roll after this but it still makes me v v happy! It will be interesing to see what leads up to this moment…did they have a date planed that was interrupted?
    Oh…and that second gif…that look he gives her…good god…HOW.DOES.CATH.EVER.LET.HIM.OUT.OF.HER.BED!!!


  6. What a proposal!!!
    And what a roller coaster ride this show was, is and always will be!!!
    So whether Cat and Steve will last longer than Chin and Malia or not, lets just lay back and enjoy the ride. And whatever Lenkov and his wizards come up with, I’ll watch and love.

    This is why I record Castle and watch H50 live! It even wins over a Pats game!!!

    Mahalo nui loa 4 this treat!!!

    (( \m/ ))


  7. I agree with ESS maybe it’s only a brief moment, but what a moment. Michelle is vey good in this role.


  8. vanduyn

    These are fabulous!! Thanks so much!


  9. Michelle’s acting style reminds me alot of Alex’s. Her facial expressions and the way she switches from one emotion to another in an instant. Who ever cast her for this role did a great job. The chemistry is mindblowing. I don’t mind a little angst but I do wish that TPTB do not completely destroy McRoll.


  10. LindaSue

    Seeing this clip and your gif’s today has made me VERY HAPPY. A romantic McGarret! Who could ask for anything more?


  11. Tracey Waddell

    Love this! Alex is very handsome in a tux!! Glad to see Max is joining the group more. Is this the episode coming up?


  12. Do you remember the last Fabulous Love scene between Steve and Cath??? {“,m Vibrating”} Remember a certain line “WE NEVER DID QUITE MAKE IT TO DINNER” I presume Cath will have to change and Steve will be watching !! JUST SAYIN


    • FOYeur

      I suspect that tux will land on the floor and they will yet again not make it to dinner…. 😆


      • lurxgirl

        I’ll take beefy McG instead of dinner every time!! His hands are so HUGE!! Oh my…to have those hands on me… and those long fingers …*quiver* The McG Sex Diet >>sign me up!!!!


  13. Linda E.

    I’m so looking forward to Monday. So romantic !! Steve is lethally hot in that tux. I’m going to drink it all in because we won’t be seeing a new episode until January 14.


  14. Liana

    Alex must have been Bond, Daniel Craig doesn’t have neither the half of the Alex’s charming.


  15. Sue (@ONTLLs)

    Okay, in #1, that suit is too small, just a big snug!! But it won’t stay on long, if they make it to dinner!! I loved watching this episode!!
    The opening sequence, and Duke laughing at the car-jacker!! LOL!!
    but this make-up of picking her up and sweeping her off her feet.. DANG!!


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