#H50 Season 2 Gagreel

Edited version of the Hawaii Five-0 Season 2 Gagreel


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14 responses to “#H50 Season 2 Gagreel

  1. paula ….thank you. There was something lauren German said to Alex when they were in the Hilton. About him f^^k her? but he would not do it and he walked out of the scene laughing. I guess it was my imagination. I recorded this reel….thanks again


  2. canadagirl66

    Thanks for posting this Paula…I was disappointed and very annoyed that the S2 DVD had the censored version…I was like WTF…S1 gag reel wasn’t censored…so why now?…maybe they were concerned about young viewers…all I have to say is leave the parenting to the parents!!
    Speaking of S2 DVD set…I was expecting to find that short little interview with Alex and Scott where they’re arguing over the arm of the chair… it wasn’t on my DVD’s…does anyone know if it was only on the BlueRay version?


  3. Ebbie

    Fantastic, thank you so much.



    These are great! Thanks for posting! It’s been a sad sad crying day for the babies in Ct, so seeing these gagreel lightens and brightens the day!


  5. Andrea_Briz

    That bit about hiding in the jungle, because “I’m a guy who likes jungles” gets me every time!


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