Mick: “For My Beth!”


Click on here to listen to Mick’s words:

And see it happen ….







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23 responses to “Mick: “For My Beth!”

  1. FOYeur

    This is totally awesome Paula!!


  2. dana0276

    Good gracious!!!! This is my favorite one yet Paula!!! From the gifs with the sound clip!!! Amazing girl!!!! 🙂


    • I´ve been meaning to add audio clips but only got to test this feature recently. Then remembered I had this since summer waiting to be used.
      So I have now audio and moving images…getting closer to videos 😉


  3. Emerald

    This is the number one thing I get asked to slash, this scene, and I won’t do it. Okay the homoeroticism is ranked up to a factor of 11 here, but the emotion is all wrong to try and slash this. You’ve got Mick, desperate to save the woman he loves, realising he has to give up what he’s longed for all these years, his mortality. Then you’ve got Josef having to deal with the fact that he’s gonna be the one to take away the one thing Mick has fought so hard for, and in doing so it may very well irrevocably change their friendship forever – and in the middle of all that, they’re supposed to what? Drop trousers and have it for no apparent reason O_o

    As for that 5th gif…And the award for best orgasm face in a non sex scene goes to….*LOL*


  4. BlueEyedMonster

    I’m not usually a Mick/Josef person but this was one of the most erotic scenes in Moonlight. Alex and Jason played it so well the tension, the love and the final realization by Mick that a vampire is what he is and what he is supposed to be at this place in time.


  5. Oh, I loved this. Heck, just listening to Mick made me want to cry for him. Great post. One of my favorite scenes. Partly because of that emotion, and partly because of the homoeroticism Emerald wrote about above. The other scene that ranks right up there with this one for me is the one where Mick grabs Beth and pulls her to him on the rooftop and kisses her. Let’s not forget how he strokes his lip afterward. Is it any wonder we fell in love with Mick? I absolutely have to reblog this. I bow before you and your amazing post. 🙂


  6. Lorraine Pearl

    Reblogged this on Lorraine Pearl.


  7. Ebbie

    Alex was superb as Mick, and any scenes with Josef were always worth watching. Like Lorraine Pearl, I bow before you !


  8. I asked Foyeur to listen to the audio clip and had a couple of old gifs and that Beth hug pic there. She yelled at me to hit the publish button 😉 , but I wanted to make new set of gifs of this scene, because it deserves to be presented as well as I can gif it 🙂
    I´m pleased to see you like it.


  9. vanduyn

    This is so awesome! It may be my fav so far. I absolutely love this scene. The gifs are fabulous and adding the audio just put it over the top. Thank you so much!!


  10. LindaSue

    Is it possible for his voice to be sexier ? I absolutely LOVE this!


  11. paula….you’re unbelieable. what a great gift you gave to fans.
    bravo..standing o…with applause


  12. canadagirl66

    This is so wonderful Paula!! This is one of my favorite scenes…it was heart wrenching …so emotional..and I have to admit, a little sensual too. I LOVE that you included audio here…I do love to watch that man on screen but just hearing his voice like that…especially that moan …which we all know was about pain..but it sure sounds like pleasure to me…and that’s what his amazingly sexy voice gives me…PURE PLEASURE…ummmm…or should I ssy IMPURE PLEASURE!!!!


  13. I wonder if A channeled his real O face for that scene?


  14. This is one of my fav scenes too! His pain is so palpable. It is sad and sensual at the same time and makes my cry every time. I do love the O face and orgasmic moan he makes. It sends shock waves thru my panties! I am very aroused by him sucking on first Beth’s arm in fever, then Josef’s here and the “lick and suck” on Simone’s arm in Sonata. *quiver*


    • canadagirl66

      Hey ‘girl’ friend…yeah, that ‘lick and suck’ pretty much sent me over the edge…the way he rolled his tongue and starting licking Simone’s arm with the bottom of his tongue…and then she threw her head back with a little moan (clever girl)….that scene was so incredibly HOT….but way too short, thanks to miss bad-timing bursting in the door…damn you Beth…damn you.
      I have so much love for Beth and wanted her and Mick together SO BAD…but damn…that girl ruined a lot of special moments for my panties…first she calls Mick JUST as he is about to remove his pants in his freezer room….then she knocks and tears wet Mick away from wet Coraline…then she rudley interrups Mick’s taste test….NOOOOO BETH, COULDN’T YOU HAVE WAITED JUST 5 MORE MINUTES…JUST 5 MEASLY MINUTES!!!!!


    Thats all


  16. Sue (@ONTLLs)

    Love this scene with Josef and Mick. Oh my.. Loved it.

    Thank you!!

    Not watching “Moonlight” again, Not watching “Moonlight” again, Not.. Oh darn!!


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