310 Cool uncle Steve!

Survival skills, Steve´s lesson #1

Weapon of choice


Who wants to learn that! (IdoIdoIdoIdoIdo…)


He makes a great looking witness too.


The jungle really brings out his best smiles 🙂




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25 responses to “310 Cool uncle Steve!

  1. Sam

    Awww, darn I love this!


  2. So perfect! Everyone one of them! Alex was in top form tonight for light hearted fare! I swear he should do more comedy. 🙂


    • I loved the bits I managed to watch of Steve and I agree Alex has a natural comedian inside him just aching to get out 🙂
      As I made these gifs in a hurry before leaving for work, I could still see that Alex seemed to enjoy this episode in particular (btw I didn´t have yet time to watch this episode). That little kid, Lucy, was pretty awesome…even I have to admit the kid can act.


  3. FOYeur

    Alex is just so adorable and gorgeous this season……!!


  4. this whole episode left me dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead…. and there were more moments, but that’s all I can remember right now


  5. The only thing that keep my eyes off those tan cargos is his gorgeous smile 🙂 gif 3..killing me


  6. Lucy was very good in her role, and Uncle Steve had a balance in their acting relationship. All the Aloha Girls were good in their roles. They were young girls not pretigious little people.

    Daniel is a stunningly attractive man. I don’t think I drew a breathe in his first scene (airport). Glad the scene was only a few minutes or I would have pass out. Well I guess Three Rivers is back on my DVD and Daniel is my last vision prior to sleep,


  7. canadagirl66

    I’m with you luna, this ep KILLED ME…its going to take me days to recover….from the brilliance of Emily (Lucy) and Alex, the beauty and talent of Daniel, the adorablness of aloha girl who fixed cell phone (I wish I knew her name), the hilarity of Danny and Steve and Aloha girl leader
    …and SO MUCH MORE!!!


    • canadagirl66

      ….and the tan cargos…how could I forget to mention the tan cargos??? WTH is the matter with me?? Oh right…I’m still in the process of recovery…. still not able to think clearly yet!!!!


  8. FOYeur

    The regular cast did a fantastic job as usual…..but I think this has been by far the episode with the best supporting cast for S3
    This is now my intelectual side speaking after recovering from all the BEAUTY that is Alex in this episode…….until I watch it again or when Paula post her next set of gifs. 😀


    • Andrea_Briz

      Good point, FOYeur, totally agree. It was an awesome ep supporting cast-wise. Alex and Scott were in terrific form as usual but for me it was Emily and Lesley who really made this episode special. Ok, so the peekaboo face might have had something to do with it, too. And McG’s survival skills lesson. That was priceless.


      • FOYeur

        Yes, this episode was just all around neatly done by all involved.
        And with it the undertone of the dangerous ground that Kono is on – most probably setting things up for some great drama to come!!


  9. Tula

    Thanks for the gifs! Amazing as usual! Loved this episode, it was solid and full and the choises of the supporting cast were ingenious! Alex was absolutely brilliant, his acting in the beginning, the interaction with the girls and then with Lucy!! I wanna marry him when I grow up too…so I better hurry, to grow up faster than her! 🙂


    • I didn´t even catch that line of marrying Steve when she grows up till now. Lucy really is a bright girl, solid plans for her future already at such a young age 😉


  10. The most Fantastic Episode and I thank you Girls for all your comments. I had NO IDEA that you could read my mind from so far away LOL!! Special thanks to Paula for the pictures and post. {THAT KILLER SMILE OF UNCLE STEVE;S”} S&T


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