the champ box

This week's recap by @Andrea_Briz - thanks for a great recap, Andrea!
Pics and gifs from @neropatti and bookemdannodotnet

This recap was written AFTER a long, late-night (well, for me anyway) email discussion with @aliciagecko and @westy5oh about the episode. Many of my observations in this recap have stemmed from it. A word of warning: If you loved the Victoria’s Secret elements of the episode, then perhaps this recap is not for you.

I’m going to try something different for this recap and write about the three elements in the episode. This is in part due to the fact that the Victoria’s Secret madness had sweet f/ck all to do with the COTW and it needs to be dealt with separately. But more on that later.

Element 1: Max and Sabrina
I loved this part of the episode so I am going to write about it first, before I…

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  1. At least Rumor didn’t leap over the bank counter and scream, “Yippy ki yay, Mother*&^%$#”


  2. canadagirl66

    BWAHAHAHAHA…good one therednightbird!!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE Bruce Willis…he is one of my favourite actors. One of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen is Blind Date with Kim Basinger…and I can’t miss our Christmas tradition of a Die Hare rewatch!!!!!


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