Going from Bromance to Romance – Just a reminder

Just a reminder of my invitation to all the slash writers that ship any of Alex’s characters, to take part in my research!!

A heartfelt thank you, to all the writers that have sent me their information so far. I have already met some wonderful new friends along the way. Mahalo!!

I would however prefer to get some more variety in answers and there is still a chance for writers until Monday to send me their information. A bigger responds will give a more balanced view for me to work with.

A little bit of tongue there Mick?

You are welcome to ask me any questions you might have – even before you send me any of your detail. I do not intend to use any personal information at all.

Just write me in one or two sentences what motivates you to write about these characters and answer the questions that I posted on the original post and also only those that you want to answer.

You will find the original post in regards to the invitation here. And my e-mail address again: fo.yeur@gmail.com

Looking forward to meeting you as well…..



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3 responses to “Going from Bromance to Romance – Just a reminder

  1. I’m afraid you won’t get many responses from the Moonlight side of things, we’re such a small group in the fandom, and I have a feeling at least a couple of friends are shy about answering the questions because they’ve only written a small number of fics, so don’t feel qualified to answer. I’ll try and give them a gentle nudge. 🙂

    Did you get the answers from my friend Tamurile I posted in the comments section of the other post? If not I’ll try emailing them to you again. What about the couple of H50 writers who said they were going to email you, did they end up sending you anything? I’m afraid I’m not in contact with a lot of the H50 slashers. What about that (rather lengthy) list of links to different articles and studies on slash fiction/fandom I posted under the original post also, did they come through okay? I thought you might have been able to use some of what’s in them to supplement your research, even though they don’t specifically relate to ML or H50.


    • FOYeur

      Thanks Emerald
      Any form of response is good. I Have been in contact with a few of the H50 writers. They are lovely ladies. Would like it if some more of them would repond though.
      I did receive your friends answers thank you.
      Those links were blocked by the settings on our site and I would rather go through them myself first and then post the links to the ones I think necessary in my report.
      Thank you, I think they can be a great help. ❤


      • venia

        Oh wow Foyeur I wish I had found this sooner I would have loved to answer your questions, is it to late to particapte in this?


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