Why are they not animated



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6 responses to “Why are they not animated

  1. Is this a trick question???


  2. canadagirl66

    …because if they were it would KILL us!! That faaaaace…how I LOVE that face!!!


  3. Sam

    Love the coloring of the pictures, great job. Great pics. Great face. Did I mention they are great? 🙂


  4. Ebbie

    Ne needs to stay still just so we can see just how perfect he is. .


  5. Ebbie

    That should read HE not NE


  6. I did some target practice with these, shooting bullets of love 😉
    I still keep expecting these to move, takes a while to register they are in fact just plain photos.
    I could have tricked you, set the 1st frame to 5 minutes before the animation starts, but I didn´t 😀


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