Too pretty?


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  1. Colleen Pudwell

    Nothing is “too pretty” for Alex! 🙂


  2. None of the H50 men were listed on People Mag. Sexiest Men. There are over 100 men listed.

    Fans contact People Mag. by any means possible, and find out


    • I am sure Alex will be there next year. Perhaps his health issues were too recent for this year´s nominations. He has won other hot guy polls though…small consolation. No idea if Scott has been there before?


    • WTF!!! Perhaps I will have to cancel my subscription after 20 years…obviously there are people working there that are stupid…AND blind!!!


    • People magazine tends to use the following when choosing the list – a) more focused on Hollywood, which usually means movies before Television, b) people who are considered sexy ‘right now’ (meaning the current ‘it’ group, Alex has been considered sexy for a few years now, it doesn’t necessarily mean he meets the criteria for what is considered ‘in’ as being sexy right this very moment), and c) rising stars, or people whose careers are currently ‘on fire’ (Alex has had a steady job in Network TV for several years now, his career is stable, and strong, but that’s not the same as being ‘on fire’).

      Basically there are certain criteria for making People magazine’s ‘sexiest’ list, and those criteria go beyond just who is, and isn’t considered ‘physically attractive’ or ‘sexy’. This year Alex doesn’t fit all the criteria, ergo he doesn’t get picked for the list.


      • I understand your criteria, but have you looked at the men chosen. There are other men on H50 beside Alex. Money talks which is Hollywood sign $$$$$$.

        a) not all of these men have made movies b) sexy is the “in”
        group than they missed a few men I can think of. c) most of these men have done movies, but moved on toTV (cable).

        I have no reason why H50 men were not chosen, but ergo the People mag. called this issue Sexiest Men. They should have called it some men who made “in” sexy movies.

        I know bottom line mag. $$$$$ sales, and your right about everything you wrote. Sad , but true.

        just saying…Emerald


        • I got most of the criteria for People mag themselves (well not directly from People mag but from a response they gave to a journalist regarding how they chose the list), the ‘tendency towards ‘hollywood’ came from journalist speculation. I haven’t looked at the list yet myself, but from what you’re saying it seems even they don’t follow their own criteria that they try and tell everyone else they apply. I know they’ve been questioned over their lack of diversity in their list, especially the fact that apparently it’s rare for anyone but a white male to actually top the list. They say they apply certain criteria, that goes beyond just the physical, but it’s beginning to sound more arbitrary than that.

          Interesting, thanks for the response. I suppose like most things in Hollywood it’s all smoke and mirrors, and money talks.


          • Thank you. I was there for several years, and should know how life works in Hollywood.


            • No worries 🙂 I’ve gotten a glimpse of the workings of Hollywood through the charity stuff I do for organ donor awareness, and chatting with people like Trevor Munson, but nothing really indepth (not as indepth as actually having been in the industry itself). I do get the impression that there’s a lot of money over integrity, and shady backroom deals, and standard responses to appease the masses, that half the time are a load of BS. I mean why say you choose a list based on certain criteria, and then turn around and not follow that criteria, or only follow it half arsed.

              Having said that, People magazine ‘claim’ to use certain criteria, and for whatever reason, whether they applied that criteria or not, Alex wasn’t picked this time around. I just don’t think it’s that big a deal that he didn’t make People’s sexiest list. It’s not like it’s going to have a huge impact on his career (not with H50 being such a steady gig for him at the moment), and I doubt whether Alex himself even really cares (I’m pretty sure he’s mentioned in at least one list before that these sorts of lists and polls are pretty meaningless – which would be especially true if the criteria is so flakey and arbitrary). If you look at Alex’s official facebook page it’s like at least 50% of what’s posted on there relates to Donate Life, or Taylor’s Gift. That says to me that his priorities lie more with his charity work, than they do with being listed on something like ‘People’s sexiest’.


  3. Three Rivers is worth watching just for this reason!! Alex IS too pretty, thank God!


  4. Tula

    Oh my Alex!!! Just look at him, he is way beyond ‘pretty’!! My vocabulary isn’t rich enough to describe him!!


  5. Andrea_Briz

    Never too pretty.
    The top gif – melting….


  6. PRETTY DAMN GORGOUS !!! I’ll shout it to the World Who needs PEOPLE magazine not Alex!!! {He has US!!}


  7. Sam

    We for sure don’t need PEOPLE Magazine to tell us who is sexy or not. Alex is sexier than ever right now. Becoming a dad again and being in a relationship really suits him well.
    He looks healthy and happy, is attractive as hell and has a body to die for. If that is not sexy, well, then I don’t know what is.


  8. Alex is not only pretty on the outside but he is also pretty on the inside, We don’t need People Magazine to tell us the obvious. Alex takes Sexy to a totally different level.


    • I would only want them to acknowledge him so we might get perhaps new photo shoot pics of him posing sexy! And of course fresh video material of said posing…I really, really want to watch him pose for more shoots 😀


      • I’ve been an organ donor for years (prior to Three Rivers). It’s an important organization. People mag. Sexist men. is not important. I had a vainglorious reason for the men of H50.


        • We need more people like you, who are prepared to sign on the dotted line and actually register as organ donors (and we have a handy international guide to places where people can register online – dropping hints? Why yes I am 😉 Anyway, it’s great that you’re an organ donor, thank you so much for being willing to do something that is so important. 🙂

          A vainglorious reason for the men of H50? Are you allowed to tell? I’m intrigued now. I’m sorry if you worked with any of them, and they didn’t make the list, I can imagine in a work environment it would be disappointing to see how something like that worked out (especially knowing what you do about how Hollywood works).


  9. Dr. Andy will always be The One for me.
    Until I see Mick or McG then I waver a bit… 😉
    No, no, no….it’s Dr. Andy.
    Yes, I’m sure.
    what were we talking about??


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