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This week's recap brought to you by @AliciaGecko. Thanks honey!
Gifs by @neropatti and @bookemdanno_net

I am PSYCHED for this ep! Partly this is because the promos look AWESOME, but mostly I think it’s because I’ve just eaten four KitKats and a satsuma. Let’s get cracking before this sugar rush wears off!

Oh. Wow. This intro is a bit… different. I’ve never been to New Jersey, so I can’t tell whether it actually looks this bad or whether Show is trying a cute juxtaposition of beautiful, bright, colourful, sun-drenched, beachy Paradise with drab, grey, industrial Urban Nightmare, but if I were a New Jersey resident, I think I’d be fairly pissed off right now.

Ooh, who is this girl? She’s beee-yooo-tiful! I’m guessing she’s Danny’s partner, and because Show hates women, I’m guessing she’s not going to be around for too long. Also, no brunette looks good in egg yolk…

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