306 nothing but love

I hope you got a dress with a plunging neckline to show off that Chewbacca chest.

But you can´t dance…


He can dance!


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17 responses to “306 nothing but love

  1. LaHagela (The Tinkler)

    The only thing that could have made the hug better would be if Steve lifted Danny off his feet and spun him around.


  2. Perhaps McG hugs have the power to magically turn you into an awesome dancer!


  3. LOVED this epi. One of my favorites so Far. this Season!! Great storyline, Fabulous acting and our boys plus sweet little Grace


  4. Best episode of season 3 so far, and as Teilor tweeted, Scotty is for real a great dancer, which I already suspected after seeing him dance in the season 2 blooper reel with Lauren German..those hips..sigh..Scotty was amazing in this episode. Wish they would give him more Character stuff to do, as he’s so great with it and in fact I know both Alex and Scott enjoy the Character stuff more then the procedural stuff as they’ve stated before in interviews. I wonder if the chewbacca comment was in fact ad-libbed or that it was scripted but Alex couldn’t keep himself from cracking up because that smile looked very natural and not at all acted, more like he cracked up while delivering that line and they kept it in.


    • It did look like the Chewbacca comment cracked up Alex. He rarely gets any funny lines so it was a pleasure to watch their teasing.
      Funny that they choose to tease Danny about dancing and surfing on the show, when Scott apparently knows both so well 🙂


      • LaHagela (The Tinkler)

        I wouldn’t be surprised if the Chewbacca bit was improvised, or ends up in the gag reel, because he was trying so hard to keep a straight face.


        • Did anyone guess the gag bits from so 2, I can´t remember that happening. So won´t expect anything and be pleasantly surprised with what ever Alex we are given 🙂


        • One thing I do hope, is that the season 3 Gag reel will be as long as the season 2 was..and in fact that we will get a leaked (on purpose or accidently) Uncensored one. I’m still so happy I was able to save the uncensored version of the S2 blooper reel. LOL


          • Yes, I too am glad we got the uncensored one with the birdie 😉 but too much of Max´s ranting in so2 gag. I would gladly watch them mess up, for an hour at least 😀


      • That’s what I enjoy greatly with Danno’s character, how he’s forced to act like he knows diddly squat about surfing when in reality he’s a fanastic surfer. The surf lesson from Kono is still one of my fave bits to watch, not just for the low riding cut offs, but just because he has to act dumb. LOL


  5. Have to say though eventhough I’m here more as a Scotty fan then Alex fan (I am an Alex fan, just a bigger Scotty fan these days) that Alex is one fantastic actor..just the way he can convey so much feeling with just a look and his eyes..the way Steve and Danny hugged at the end of Monday’s episode and then the way Steve watched Danno walk away..man those eyes were killing me. Now if that wasn’t McDanno I don’t know what is. That look was more then just a brotherly look if you ask me. But hey that’s just how I see it. *grin* I think Scott and Alex both are fantastic actors and I do hope that in the future we might see some more Character stuff for both of them, but especially for Scott since Alex seems to get plenty of Character stuff already with the Wo Fat story line and Mom turning up and Cath being dragged in. *grin* But Scotty needs to get some juicier bits to bite his acting teeth into.


    • FOYeur

      I have a feeling that these scenes were filmed on their birthday (For me they share their birthday, because while it is still Scott’s birthday in the USA, Alex’s family is already celebrating his in OZ).
      Maybe that made it so much easier of them to get the just emotions right.


    • Scottty!!!! Honey you have GREAT taste in Men!!!! Love it


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