Buddies looking confused

Gracies birthday was coming up soon…

Buddies went to the local market to buy a bunny for Gracie for her b-day present. She had been begging for this for months.

Steve…that can not be it, right?

The “farmer” told them, this was really the latest craze, something all kids wanted “hopping” in their back yards. Buddies just couldn´t believe their eyes, they had never seen any bunny with a scaly long green tail. And those sharp fang-like teeth, didn´t look very bunny´sh either…

What is that sound…is it grinding it´s teeth?

Monkey had specifically asked for the Polynesian pubic-hare. Buddies were stumped…Was this really what Monkey had wished for her b-day? This 35 kg “fluffy” thing looked dangerous, hardly a pet for anyone, let alone a child.

Still, they asked for the price. WTF! The guy tried to make a deal with the guys, as good looking and fit as they were, maybe they could come by his house and surprise his wife for their anniversary. They had just bought a pole and set it up in the bedroom, surely the guys could make some moves around it…

Steve “Crap! This was not a good day to forget to bring my wallet.”
Danny “Crap! I can´t dance!”

Danny decided to pay for the full asking price (now he was grinding his teeth). Monkey must get her bunny, no matter how much it was.

First the guys needed to take it to the vet (who looked remarkably like the guy that sold them the bunny). There were some skin issues that needed medical attention. Apparently the red flaky skin with oily discharge wasn´t actually normal, even for this creature.

I guess we are going to the vet next…

At the vet, doctor mentioned that it would be a good opportunity to check the bunny´s sex, since it can only be done at a clinic. Only way to tell if a pubic-hare is female or male, is through the rectal cavity. Guys looked on in horror, at the doctor´s preparations.

What is he doing!?

No. Nononononono.

Buddies just could not hide their  disgust. That glove was not like anything they had seen before. The doctor ensured them, this special latex was the only material that could be used on this animal, as they have extremely sensitive skin.

Nothing to it…just need a tad more lubricant.

Steve was not so sure about this vet´s “professional” methods. He questioned them, “it´s disgusting”, the vet agreed “yes”. The enthusiasm of doctor´s yes, made the guys even more suspicious. This does not seem right…


Amazingly, the hare didn´t let out a single peep during the examination. On the contrary, it seemed to actually enjoy being probed.

Suddenly the doctor went all quiet. I don´t know quite how to put this, but your hare seems to be pregnant.

Oh joy…

More pubic-hares…

The End

Well except that you probably wanted to see this hideous creature.

Cutest bunny ever!

Just kidding! That´s not it, click on thumbnail for the real image!


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12 responses to “Buddies looking confused

  1. LindaSue

    Very funny! You are crazy (in a very good way, of course!).


  2. cvc-eve

    You h00kers are really swinging the emotion from the funny of the bunny’s species, to the totally distracting vision of McG pole dancing to the disgust of…well…whatever it was the ‘vet’ was doing. You rock! Great story! I’m choosing my last mental image to be of the REGULAR hare nibbling the banana. #Notaeuphemsim


  3. hahahaha brilliant! I love the faces – matched perfectly ♥


  4. This post was started with the faces…then I thought a silly story in between was needed 🙂


  5. The faces got me… I believed your story…funny funny bunny


    • The gifs are funny. I love Steve´s face at Max´s “office” 😀
      Also the pubic-hair bunny cracks me up, still. “One of the few animals not hunted for it´s skin” LOL


  6. imfriggingud

    Danno’s confused look fab but is that because Steve has Just found out what Alex has called his son….. Lion O’Loughlin had bets it would start with an ‘S’ but thought Roman would’ve been better


  7. I could say something possibly incredibly crude about Danno being confused because of market stalls and vegetable sizing, but I shall refrain…*whistles innocently*


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