Steve – The Lover


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23 responses to “Steve – The Lover

  1. “Plonk” (just fainted and dropped from my couch) Somebody help me up please?!
    … Paula I love you!!! …


  2. My inbox was a happy place today with this post plus H50BAMF gifs too! I cannot watch these enough. Thank you!


  3. canadagirl66

    This scene was so wonderful!!! TY show!!!!…and THANK YOU Paula for letting me revisit it…over and over and over again!!! That last gif…OH.GOD….HELP ME!!!!


  4. vanduyn

    He’s scrumptious, right?!


  5. LaHagela (The Tinkler)

    I wonder how many times they had to shoot the first scene with him rolling over on top of her with his legs spread and……..what was I saying?


  6. AnnieOakley

    His hand sliding up her arm and down her thigh — my t.v. has lick-marks on it now…


    • FOYeur

      Annie, you forgot that “pressing of his thigh against her” & actually “lying
      down on her” part…..
      I understand the mark….might have some on my computer screen 😉


  7. Liana

    Cath is so lucky, I sell my parents for a moment like that.


  8. buttercup

    Hi there, just watched that halloween episode again! Best part is when talks about his childhood girlfriend, Jenny feldmann, and cath says the sl** word! His open mouth and facial expression, just killing gorgous! I love your page, thanks!


  9. Sheesh Paula !! KILLER cute is right S&T !!!!


  10. You forgot a gif?? 😯


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