Alex O’Loughlin’s Tattoos Continues – Some more inspiration for decorating “dat ass”

A reminder of the canvass you are working with…….

And from the front …..

We are adding a few more samples of the tattoo – Please remember they were not posed for, so apologies for the poor quality….

Tiny, but useful

And feast your eyes on the bare beauty once more……

Those legs!!

And another closer look….


Please complete the picture for us!

Thank you to everybody that have already send in their entries

Send your entries to:

And remember, it does not have to be a drawing and it can be full of your imagination!!

Detail on the original post here.


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6 responses to “Alex O’Loughlin’s Tattoos Continues – Some more inspiration for decorating “dat ass”

  1. Tattoos? what Tattoos? I’m just picturing myself being in place of the lady in the fatsuit in Feed… Somebody stop me please…

    My humor’s normaly as dry as Ghandi’s Flip Flops or a nun’s undies, but when it comes to your site girls and the man its dedicated to… I’m loosing my contenance.

    Well done my sisters in dreams… 😉


  2. LaHagela (The Tinkler)

    The swim shorts… low, so close to the promised land, yet still in the WAY!!!!


    • I still have tears from that “by the pool with a biatch in crotch”…WHYYYYY wasn´t there someone taking a photo from the behind! those pants are so low, his crack must have been visible even…but it´s the arse tatt I obviously want to study more 😉


  3. seen all the pictures, but the third one.. WOW!! Um, got a full size picture of that or what?? *empties drool bucket, goes back up to scroll thru again*


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