Signed by Alex O´Loughlin

Isn´t he nice. Always signing and smiling for us. What a sweet man 🙂



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25 responses to “Signed by Alex O´Loughlin

  1. Jill VanDuyn

    How is it he looks sexy just signing his name?!


  2. I think he has sexy tattooed on him somewhere. He was born with it. lol


  3. Ronnette

    Sweet indeed:)

    � Ronnette xo


  4. I am always blown away by the way he approaches his fans, even when he is expected to be somewhere else. He takes his time with them and also interracts so politely and laughs and has fun himself too. I just love watching these bits. I just wish the fans who record these moments would have steadier hands 😉


  5. LaHagela (The Tinkler)

    yeah, for all my talk I would be a puddle of sweat and goo on the floor if I got within 50 feet of him…….either that or I would launch myself at him… of the two.


  6. He is the sweetest Gentleman , The Hottest man and a most talented actor Don’t hate me but I have 6 signed pictures one of them admitted me to the inner circle of “ALL MY LOVE. ALEX O LOUGHLIN’ ” I simply ADORE this man


    • FOYeur

      We don’t hate you – jealous of you – definitely!
      We’re just glad your heart was stong enough, that you still live to tell the tale. 😀


  7. Thanks FOY eur/
    Your heart DOES Pound and it all seems like a lovely dream after but for those of us lucky LUCKY fans who have been that close to him and have sighned pictures it is a never to be forgot memory , one which I honestly wish YOU all could have, just as i did


  8. BlueEyedMonster

    I think pommienana would agree that Alex is surprising easy to talk to he is just that real. Of course he did give me that crooked smile and i suddenly lost all my senses.but I recovered in time to answer his question coherently.

    Had the opportunity to meet Sophia Myles a few weeks back and she still thinks the world of Alex telling me he is the sweetest man and very genuine

    Even the PA on H50 loved him (if you don’t know PA is fancy TV talk for goofer) he said Alex remembered his name.


  9. Totally AGREE B E M and so glad to see you here XOOX


  10. Not sure if you’ve seen this. I love it! He’s wonderful with these fans. As usual 🙂 And he looks adorable…


  11. MY friends Terre and Lisa are in this video, Terre is the last photo with him {LONG BLONDE HAIR} and Lisa got an autograph but too shy to ask for a photo DARN !!!!


  12. In Hollywood after the Jimmy Kimmell show. Don’t be afraid to ask Alex for an autograph or picture if you meet him Andrea. He is the SWEETEST most OBLIGING star in the WORLD


  13. Whoops Forgot to answer the last bit. they did not KNOW for sure but knowing Alex”s MO they probably decided to take the chance and IT WORKED !!!


  14. canadagirl66

    I’ve watched many videos of Alex greeting his fans and signing autographs. He is always so gracious and accommodating…even when his people are telling him “we gotta go”. Seeing how much respect and appreciation he has for his fans is one of the reasons why I LOVE and ADORE and ADMIRE this man so much!!!


  15. Oh my, the first gif and that hat and glasses, does Alex wear contacts??

    Thanks for posting the video Andrea_Briz,.
    Answers my question, next trip, Hawaii!!
    Got to meet the man!! He looks like to much fun, or just sit back and watch him film. He is too cute!! And yes sexy!! DANG, he doing it to me again!! I am going all gooey!!!


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