This is a is great. Westy you are a star!

the champ box

Paula – your gifs bring all of us so much joy – I’m sure the other FUCUPS and followers of Foyeur’s and your blog Intense Study will join me in thanking you for your amazing moving pictures 🙂

Happy Very, Very Belated Birthday!

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  1. lucy

    Happy Late Birthday Paula…And thank you for all the Pics and your blog is a joy to read!!


  2. Scr€w my b-day. I want this on weekly basis now 😀
    Super-duper job from Westy!


  3. LaHagela (The Tinkler)

    very nice….I just wish there were two other lines in that song:
    1) I like the curve of your ass
    2) I like the armadillo in your pants

    All Hail the Queen of the Gif’s!!!


  4. heymomo

    SO MUCH appreciation of Paula!!!


  5. happy birthday, girl! I hope it’s the best one yet, hugs and kisses for you


    • FOYeur

      Hi Andrea, sorry for any confusion, but Paula’s birthday was in October already. I just wanted to put this up there to show her how much she is appreciated. She is a true friend and a wonderful blog partner to have! 🙂


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