Ohana or something like that

The day started…

Everyone getting along. Joking and laughing and posing like good friends would, no-one trying to steal the spot light….

all four still accounted for…

The laughter looks suspiciously forced now…

Hah! I knew it. Survival of the fittest!


Filed under Alex O´Loughlin, Steve McGarrett

7 responses to “Ohana or something like that

  1. cvc

    Poor Grace Park. What a tough day at work for her. Nice of them to give Scott a box to stand on.#awkward


  2. LaHagela (The Tinkler)

    Oh my God!!!! Dying that he is standing on a box!!!! Poor Scott, so handsome…..yet vertically challenged and hirsute.


    • Vertically challended LOL …
      At first I didn´t even notice the box, poor Scotty 😉
      Did you notice the “dip” Alex does in the serious faces gif, is that to adjust his junk 😉 and also he often does the look away and then face the camera. He should have been a model if not an actor 🙂
      And then Grace squeezing in tight to Alex´s butt, must have been wonderful…


  3. Jill VanDuyn

    In the serious faces gif it does look as though Alex is adjusting himself! Never noticed that before! Excellent job!


  4. LaHagela (The Tinkler)

    I think there is a lot to adjust


  5. I love the 3rd gif, Alex has his arm out to put around DDK, but DDK is bent down for different kind a of photo. I love the Adjustment photo and what is the last gif about, the dingy’s in the water??
    so can we see this anywhere, on You tube, is there a link?? Thanks


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