A bit of Mick for Halloween

Welcome to Hotel St John. You can check in but never leave.
Happy Halloween!


Filed under Mick wants to kiss you gently with his fangs.

16 responses to “A bit of Mick for Halloween

  1. drbell

    Why would I want to leave…


  2. Aww, he can bite me anytime… But is that a Chihuahua?


    • I´m pretty sure it is a cat lol I didn´t do it myself, found it on a photobucket, called black cat 🙂 Isn´t it skinny and cute 🙂


      • Yes it is, just like Steve McGarret in S02E14-18. The poor thing, its the only time I’d prefer feeding than kissing him 😉
        And yes the blood is gorgeous…


        • You won´t find a lot of those episode (219 really sad) gifs here…too sad to look at. Hence I am overly happy about his current shoulders, and sparkle in those eyes 😀


          • Yes yes yes, me too! *bouncing up and down* (agree with 219, darn!)

            And Yep, he’s grinning like a shot fox! 😀 I think thats the sparkle of someone who hasn’t had to change diapers in the middle of the night recently… but I can smell something coming… 😉


  3. I hope you all notice that lovely dripping blood from Mick´s mouth in the last gif 😀


  4. Jill VanDuyn

    Words can’t eve describe how happy these make me!! I love the gif of Mick biting Tejada!! My fav vamp scene! Thanks ♥


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