GQ bts goodies

Have I mentioned that I love watching him pose! He is so comfortable in front of the camera. I so hope for more of these videos. Added a few finished photos, nice to see the finished product 🙂



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16 responses to “GQ bts goodies

  1. Jenna

    I would also like to pluck once Alex’s trousers rightly.
    Christmas Wish :–))


  2. lucy

    OMG He’s soooo pretty!!!!


  3. Kelly

    Is that guy tying his pants? I want that job!!!! Or better yet untying …


    • Jill VanDuyn

      OMG Kelly, of all the times I’ve seen that top one I’ve never noticed the other guy! I think he is tying his pants.


  4. alexsluvjan

    OMFG..So SEXY in this shoot..
    I also want that job, in regards to untying his pants, except, I would pull down and then off.. ♥


  5. The guy tied his pants alright! Look at the pic, he made it perfectly even…small details count. Still think we would have liked it better left untied 😉


  6. Sally Amelotti

    The noise you heard was the “THUD” of me hitting the floor after seeing these shots. As always very “Hot” and “Ruggly” handsome.


    • The way he has his hands in the last pic is just so masculine, I bet some woman has told him that is the proper way to keep fingers. And that little touch to lip…mamma mia…I think another *thud* will soon be heard if I keep watching at it for longer…


  7. OMG! Those pants need to be UNTIED and PULLED DOWN, immediately!
    What a sexy beast!


  8. That last gif!!! And the last 2 pics are among my all time faves… Unnnfff. Esp the last one because you see the thighs. You know how I feel about those thighs. *sigh*


  9. canadagirl66

    OMG…if this doesn’t prove that he is the sexiest man alive I don’t know what does. I have so much love (and lust) for these pics and gifs. That second gif…I can’t take my eyes off those swaying ties and that bulging promised land. *shudder*
    …and that last pic…one of my favs too…that CFM look…those amazing hands…the touching of the lips… and of course those beautiful, long, sexy legs….oh my…is it hot in here or is it just Alex?!!


  10. Sabine

    Gorgeous, made my day in every way, THANK YOU :))


  11. Alicia

    So much goodness!

    I love the one where he’s lying down, he looks like he’s just having a little rest. (I really like the boots he has on there as well, once I could tear my eyes away from his arm, that is).


  12. you know I used to argue about men wearing there pants so low, but um.. Alex can pull it off. Yep he can.. *scrolls back to gif 2* I um.. *scrolls back to gif 2*.. I was gonna.. oh never mind.. *wipes chin, scrolls back to gift 2 again*


  13. Thank you for sharing…great BTS.


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