A stork delivered a Hawaiian baby boy

Welcome baby!

A tiny Hawaiian baby is born on October 25th, we wish the new expanding family, love and joy, brought by a baby boy.

We wish Alex and his growing family the best of luck and love. Happy birthday!

I´m right where I wanna be.

That is one cool dad!

Official press release of baby news



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22 responses to “A stork delivered a Hawaiian baby boy

  1. Sheesh, you’re quick! Can’t wait to find out the name 🙂


  2. alexsluvjan

    I am so Happy for him and cant wait to see a pic..He is such an awesome Daddy!!!♥♥♥


    • I doubt we will see a proper pic of baby. He´s probably going to be closer to 15 when we might see the occasional snap 😉
      But I´m glad they made the press release. So many speculated we wouldn´t hear about the birth till waaaaay after 😀


      • Sam

        I wouldn’t be so sure about that, he seemed to have loosened up since he’s in Hawaii. We even saw pictures with him and Spike.
        I think he has a very good balance of keeping his family out of the press and giving us a little bit of his family life.
        I think we will get pictures.


  3. I knew you ladies would have something ready to go when the announcement came! And it also was worth the wait. What a beautiful post.

    Much happiness to the O’loughlin and Jones family.

    Can you just imagine what a big pile of mush he is right now? *sigh*


  4. WONDERFUL WONDERFUL NEWS Congrats to the entire family and all they love. !!!Alex seemed very “Open” whenIi talked to him about the baby at SOTB so I would not be suprised if he
    Gifts us with a photo of the new little one. Also Malia is not shy about publicity. We shall see. I could not be happier for Alex.. What a lucky little boy to have such a daddy.


  5. canadagirl66

    Awww..so their little kama’aina baby has finally arrived!! I am so happy for them! I’m with you Paula, Alex is going to shelter that babe from the press for as long as he can. I hope everyone respects their privacy and doesn’t attempt to get stalker pics of little Mr. O!!


  6. canadagirl66

    I should have also said thank you for the lovely post Paula!! Yay for getting the wonderful news out to us before anyone else…what would we do without you?!!!


  7. canadagirl66

    Oh my, there is already conflicting info out there..some sites are saying the baby was born on the 25th and others say the 26th. Do we know for sure what day the babe arrived?


  8. A big thank you for this post goes to Foyeur. She was the one to push me to do something (pretty soon as we heard of the pregnancy) and have it ready for the occasion LOL so I did not whip this up just like that 🙂 I actually didn´t even catch the news online but she emailed me, that´s why I was nearly 20 minutes late! Glad that you like the pretty 😀 thank you…


    • canadagirl66

      Awww FOYeur…you’re always so good to us! Thank you for loving our boy and satisfying our cravings for everything Alex!!


  9. Im glad the Little Kahauna is here and healthy!! Hes no doubt beautiful just look at dad.Thanks Paula .And im sure when hes 14 or 15 we will get to see him!


  10. karin@notmcnerd

    Happy news! Can just imagine his goofy grin!


  11. Liana

    Congratulations Alex & Malia for the baby.


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