And we liked it best

Our choice for the best butt inspired poem:

Pommienana, clearly you know the subject matter pretty well. You captured the essence of that beautiful rear and you made us laugh about our fangirling thoughts once again. Would love to have that glass of wine with you and look at hours of footage of his “glorious ass” and giggle and drool about it for fun!!

Congratulations Pommienana!

Thank you again to everybody that participated. We had such great fun with everything you all wrote!! We give you one more view of your inspiration as a thank you 🙂


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10 responses to “And we liked it best

  1. Alix

    Dommage !!! Je ne comprends pas bien votre langue et le traducteur automatique n’a pas traduit les poèmes… Je reste sur ma faim…


  2. I wish I could reply in French, but unfortunately I do not write French, and barely understand. I think you wish you could translate the poem to French. If anyone over here can help out, SPEAK OUT, please 🙂
    But the butts look pretty no matter where we live and what we speak, right 😉


  3. Thank You so much Ladies. I am honoured because the other efforts were all wonderful!! { I WAS GOING TO BE MY USUAL NAUGHTY SELF AND SAY “THE COMPETITION WAS STIFF}


    • FOYeur

      I agree, the competition was very ‘stiff’ and it was very ‘hard’ to make a decision. But fact is, it is a ‘bummer’ that somebody has to win in a competition. 😀


    • dana0276

      I love love love love this poem!! How true!!! Great job girl!!! And I would toast to that behind any day of the week!! LOL!


  4. FOYeur ROTFLMAO Clever Girl!!! thats Hysterical KUDOS HONEY


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