Fab smiles

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14 responses to “Fab smiles

  1. alexsluvjan

    I was at the premiere in 2010 for the BUP..Thrill of my life meeting Alex!!!♥


  2. Reblogged this on gem1n12505 luvs H50 cast and crew and commented:
    love his smile


  3. FOYeur

    What is up with his hair in that second last gif?
    He is just so much sexier when he smiles….if it is possible for him to be sexier than he is……
    It kind of feels like he warms my heart (and other places too) with that smile. 🙂


  4. First of all Paula ,its a pleasure supporting this fantastic site and secondly can I keep the last Gif FOREVER please. I was at the TBUP red carpet also {HI JAN} and he was a DREAM!! Gorgeous, sweet and natural


    • It really must be a dream meeting him, or even just seeing him in person 🙂 I´m very envious of you. Since your first encounter with Alex, has it changed how you feel, meeting/seeing him again, or is he just as fantastic as ever? Does your heart still skip a beat or two when your eyes meet 🙂


      • i don’t like to say how many times i have seen and or talked to Alex because i would hate anybody to think i was “Showing off” or any of that nonsense !!! Just like all of you I adore him and will travel to see him if I possibly can.!! However I am lucky enough to live in California close to where Alex used to work, live and hang out so it was easy to make it to talk shows and red carpet events where he was!! i have also been to all three of the SOTB events. Paula I have been truly blessed and a very lucky fan.
        Each time i see him I love him more. the first time seems like a dream, to talk to him at a Q&A {OH GOD THAT VELVET VOICE}
        and to have him remember me the next day at the TBUP red carpet to have him personalize my ist scrapbook with my “POMMIENANA” name and “ALL MY LOVE” was beyond heavely The bst of all ws seeing him at a restarant in La and having my picture taken with him and getting 2 . hugs. His body is insanely buff!!! i have photoalbums and scrapbboks filled with memories, it makes me cry i love him so much and the thrill never goes away AND because of Alex I have met and grown to love many Many wonderful women here and on LLOL. Hope i have not gone on to long and thank ou for asking


        • Wonderful to read about your feelings meeting him so often. You are not showing off, I asked. I think you have a wonderful “hobby” 😀
          I didn´t know you´re on LLOL, haven´t been there in ages. Have you shared your pics with Alex there? Must go check out that site again.


          • Yes All my encounters with Alex’ signed pictures etc are on LLOL. ii is a very welcoming and interesting site . Lots going on and fans from all over the World. i agree about my “Hobby” It makes me very happy indeed. thank you for being so kind XOOX


  5. Sorry about the typos and all. That’s what happens when discussing “Our Alex”


  6. canadagirl66

    Thanks Paula, these are wonderful!!! I haven’t seen the first four before…I could watch that smile all day…and probably will!!!


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