Steve working those eyes



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12 responses to “Steve working those eyes

  1. Liana

    Those eyes kill me on a huge pleasure cloud.


  2. What beautiful eyes they are.Eyes are windows to the heart and soul .So beautiful man,beautiful eyes and beautiful heart and soul .Did i say Beautiful Alex 🙂


  3. dana0276

    The most beautiful man on the face of this planet. It should be a sin for guys to have eye lashes like that. LOL!! I lurves him!!!! LOL!! Thanks girl!


  4. If only I could look into his eyes, just once in real life…those seconds would feel like years, or maybe time would stand still.


  5. They say the key to the soul is the eyes, well looking into his eyes you know what kind of man he really is xx


  6. Reblogged this on gem1n12505 luvs H50 cast and crew and commented:
    the key to the soul is your eyes


  7. alexsluvjan

    I have looked into those eyes, and just about lost it..Damn I just wanted to take him right on the spot..hehe!!
    He has the most Beautiful eyes and those lashes ..OMFG,


    • You mean you have met him in real life? Have we heard your story? My memory is not holding much information these days. I have a big GIF sign squishing my brain and there´s hardly any room for RL info 😉


  8. canadagirl66

    He has the most beautiful, kind, expressive eyes I’ve ever seen…I get lost in them every time!!!!


  9. He is So Beautiful. His eyes are BLUE?GREEN at least they were when I looked up into them and his eyelashes are RIDICULOUS !!!


    • FOYeur

      I think I hate him just a little bit for those “RIDICULOUS !!!” lashes. 😀
      We have to work so hard to get longer & darker lashes….and he just have them!!


  10. Those Eyes are the first thing I noticed on this man. Beautiful.. Gorgeous and still haven’t figured out what color they are. I know Alex has said they are a Hazel-Green-Blue.
    Love the 3rd and 4th gifs!! 🙂 Loved the orange outfit on him.
    Wonder what he would like in a red shirt 😉


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