Cath and the cave man

I told you it was safer upstairs.

I must say, I like Cath very much so far 🙂 She seems a perfect match for McGarrett.


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18 responses to “Cath and the cave man

  1. AnnieOakley

    I LOVED that scene – she is my kinda girl. But if it was me in that bed, he wouldn’t be able to get up so quickly, what with the handcuffs and all….. jus’ saying.


  2. Reblogged this on gem1n12505 luvs H50 cast and crew and commented:
    Cath rocks


  3. spurschick

    Why do they have clothes on?! Okay… I know why they have clothes on, but… WHY DO THEY HAVE CLOTHES ON?!!!!!

    And how did she know that the bat was there? Does he have a spare gun that he keeps upstairs? Damn me and my logic. Okay, back on track. I am crazy in love with this scene. Love how Cath is holding her own and not letting him treat her like a damsel in distress.


    • About the bat, first I thought the same as you, but lets face it, she is a woman and probably has inspected entire house and especially the bedroom 🙂
      About the clothes, well at least Steve wasn´t wearing his long pj bottoms this time, and he was shirtless 🙂 But Cath, I can understand wanting to cover up a bit, but her bra was too much. Who leaves her bra on in bed?


      • karin@notmcnerd

        I wondered why he took time to put a shirt on if he thought there was a prowler in the house. It was fun watching that move again, though.


    • FOYeur

      I really think they could have improvised more and let her be naked and running down while holding the sheet around her for cover with one hand and bat in the other….could have been even funnier meeting mom that way…
      He could have quickly put on his shorts (off camera, if that made them feel more comfortable on CBS) and ran down without his shirt
      …just saying 😉


  4. What I loved about this scene is that it shoots the FWB non-sense in the foot. Here we have two people doing what real couples do. SLEEP their clothes. I think it shows that they are more than just sleep over buddies, they are companions.

    I love that this scene showed what I always felt to be true between them. Michelle/Cath is a terrific addition this year and her char is more than holding her own without being annoying. I have a huge girl crush on Michelle now.

    The bat proves how comfortable she is in his house …. or it’s part of McG S/X bootcamp day 132.


    • heymomo

      ^^^What Ess said.
      Bootcamp day 132? That’s one intense program!


    • Andrea_Briz

      Totally agree, ESS. Well said. I would do the Buzz Lightyear thing if only I could remember the darned acronym 🙂


    • FOYeur

      ESS, I so much agree with everything you say here….I have never seen them as just friends with benefites and am also a big Cath and Michelle fan (she just has that something that others don’t have)
      But this is a very good excuse you came up for them not being naked….remember our goal? – PANTSLESSNESS 😉


    • Totally agree, I like the Catherine character..

      Was reading up on Michelle and how she was introduced to Alex in the first season and 10 minutes later, they had a bed scene. So Alex ate a tuna sandwich she had a cig, just before the scene!! Cuz she didn’t like the smell of tuna. But I like her character, she can handle the big super Seal side , and the soft side too. 😉
      In Episode 8 – when Steve ask Cath to put the no-fly thingy on the therapist and Cath asked why.. cuz Steve has the 500 feet rule and Cath says” You never been good with first impressions!” or when..
      In Episode 11 – Cath laughed at Steve when he called the kid a smart ass, and Cath said “Takes one to know one!” jokingly.
      So I like they have history together, they treat each other with respect, but if the writers take her away or get then more involved, it might *crosses fingers* do something to the show.
      Even though I would love to see SuperSeal get mad at someone for kidnapping or hurting Catherine!
      sorry to yapper on.. will continue to play catch-up!!


  5. LaHagela (The Tinkler)

    I can’t get past the tattoo’d bicep in the 4th gif……{{aslkdjfldkjtgkhgkshf}}


  6. McCath!!!! LOVE THEM TO BITS. Watch out Mama!!!!


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