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How gorgeous is he, just sleeping! I wouldn´t sleep for a second next to him. I would stay up all night, watching him with night vision goggles 😀



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36 responses to “304 first favorites

  1. spurschick

    Yes, yes and YESSSSSSS! Wasn’t he sleeping on the other side of the bed in S1? Oh, who cares!!! And is that a little vein p0rn in the *ss shot?! But it was that last scene with McMom in the car that had me completely asdflksglaksglskagjkl. Fcking Life Ruiner to the Nth power times pi.


    • Those tiny veins might run the power supply to the FOY! The car gifs were the first I stopped to capture. His smile is beautiful. Also I think he has had his teeth whitened since the first episodes. This time they were much brighter 🙂


    • Totally agree, sleeping on the wrong side, if they were dating reguarlarly, they wouldn’t be able to switch like that! but I guess that is best for the camera angles! 😉
      Love all the gifs, thank you 🙂


  2. There are no words for that injection (<<<you're welcome) pic. None.at.all.


  3. kim

    Steves mom lid to him about wo fat not good peolpe’ wait unit he finds out’ it going to be good’


  4. Reblogged this on gem1n12505 luvs H50 cast and crew and commented:
    Pure porn


  5. This episode really was pure porn, for chest, mouth, smile, arms, veins, ass (I believe there is a sneaky hint of dick). Just pure porn x


  6. canadagirl66

    If I was in bed with that man…let’s just say that neither of us would be getting ANY sleep…EVER!!!


  7. dana0276

    Dear sweet heavens!!! That was the best eppy and I love your gifs!!!! Paula…could you pretty please with a cherry on top do a gif when he’s walking with Kono and Danny and talking about the psychic???? Ahhhh…..the strut!!!!! I’m sooooo watching this eppy again tonight!!! LOL!! I always say I’d watch him sleep…night vision goggles….lmao!!!! : )


  8. GORGEOUS gif’s Paula! As always. 😉
    Dana, that walk on the polo grounds…i may have texted a friend at that moment and just said, “Strut, baby…strut”. It’s a thing of beauty.

    Paula, have you done a gif for his smile with Cath at Kamekona’s truck? My heart nearly skipped a beat, it was so beautiful. I’m pretty sure for like 10 seconds there was even world peace.


  9. LaHagela (The Tinkler)

    Last gif he’s doing his “I’m about to dance” head bop.


  10. alexsluvjan

    I know if it were me in bed with Steve, we would be naked and I would be laying on top of him…hehehehe!!! ♥
    OMG the injection was Erotic..Oh hell Steve just take the pant off…YEAH!!!


    • I wonder if the writers were thinking of the slashies, giving us this moment….I´m not complaining, so many wonderful moments so early in the season…what will we be given next, can´t wait 😀


  11. yeah, night vision goggle would be required to adequately ‘worship’ him fully.


    • FOYeur

      I think my hands will have a mind of their own and they won’t be able to leave him alone….they would insist on fingertip vision being used. 😀


      • Oooh! Fingertip vision, nice one Foyeur 😀
        Btw, only today saw that this epi was directed and written by a women, no wonder we got that beautiful gliding view of his nekkid torso and then the camera lingered on his face for all eternity…no man would give this to us! I´m tempted to tweet Plenkov to use these females more often 🙂


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