More yummy Steve

I´m pretty sure I still missed some crucial scenes in this episode. I can´t seem to get past the first 10 minutes.

Was gonna mention the gorgeous shoulders. But… Is this what he looks like, when he “climbs” on top of you 😉

I think he works out…all the time. Flexing those pecs.

With this beauty in view, I still notice the fake background. I wonder if he is actually sitting in a rocking chair 😀

Yes Steve. We are feasting on your body, again. Don´t give that look to me, this is what fangirls do!



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23 responses to “More yummy Steve

  1. Lol climbs crawls I don’t care has long has he’s on top of me omg


  2. Jenna

    OMG!!!!!This Body, this Face, this Eyes…IlovethisMan …..


  3. Reblogged this on gem1n12505 luvs H50 cast and crew and commented:
    if he wants 2 climb on top of me I won’t stop him


  4. if he wants 2 climb on top of me I won’t stop him


  5. The climbing gif is actually pretty accurate, him climbing on top. Since anyone of us would´ve probably jumped first on him. This is him after the first 5 rounds, when it´s his turn finally to be on top 😉


  6. FOYeur

    Thay final face is just priceless…..can he get any cuter that that?!


  7. LaHagela (The Tinkler)

    hahahahaha!!!! the blue screen is killering me!!!
    I didn’t even notice until now!!!


    • Yeah, it looks so weird because the waves don’t match in Gif #2. The water level at the horizon in Gif #3 is totally uneven. How did we not notice this before….well…..Atplenkov probably said “who cares, no one will notice because all the attention will be on Alex shirtless.” I fell for it!


      • Some of the mismatch waves are because of me freezing part of the image. Again to save file size, if I didn´t do that, the gif would be very small 😦 I notice the blue-screen effect, because the depth of the background looks odd. Also since I rewatch the scenes over and over, you start to pick up on these.


      • Ha, me too; never noticed the fake background until now. Definitely a total scooter. Despite feasting on the shirtlessness, I LOVE the facial expression in the last gif. That faacceeee!


  8. Alix

    Avez-vous remarqué ce regard qu’il a sur le bateau ? Encore plus craquant que d’habitude … Le soleil, l’eau, la réverbération ou aussi, je pense, l’absence de lentilles… ou le tout à la fois mais il était plus qu’irrésistible…


    • canadagirl66

      That Aussie is irresistible isn’t he? What’s that alix? That’s not what you said? Darn, my Bing translator failed me! I knew I would regret not taking senior high French!!!


      • Alix

        Si, si, c’est exactement ce que je dis… mais je ne sais pas le dire en Anglais. Je suis désolé pour la traduction qui n’est peut être pas fidèle à ma pensée…


  9. canadagirl66

    That is EXACTLY how he looks when he climbs on top of my delusional mind…I spend a lot of time there…and I stay very busy!!!!


  10. Melissa

    if i’d put him in my iced coffee, certainly will make it boil 🙂


  11. SeixoLady

    You guys… *shakes head in Alex disbelief when he’s lost for words* :-)))

    *And then he recovers* “Hey, do my belly wrinkles show in that second pic?”


  12. the thoughts i have looking at those pictures are triplexxxxxxrated!


  13. Linda E.

    Alex’s body is amazing. We need new words to describe him !! He looks so healthy in photo #2, though I do miss the sexy arm veins. I would love to run my tongue along those tummy folds to start with and …….


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