Seals do love their fish



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16 responses to “Seals do love their fish

  1. wila_germany

    yeah – and smiling is not manly ^^


  2. Reblogged this on gem1n12505 luvs H50 cast and crew and commented:
    can anything be more sexier than when he’s eating……


    • There really is something different with his eating. Don´t think I have ever seen anything quite like that 🙂


      • Alex eats with real gusto. At first I thought it was a character thing then I noticed that he does it in all his roles where he eats so it must be his real style or very close to it. I find that amusing because in Hollywood, you know…there is proper etiquette and eating with gusto is NOT one of them. It’s just another case of Alex being who he is.

        Gotta love a man who eats with passion. *i need to lie down now*


        • canadagirl66

          “eats with passion”…Oh God Ess..I think I need to lie down too…but first must have a cold shower…a v v cold shower!!!


    • BlueEyedMonster



  3. karin@notmcnerd

    I really laughed when they caught the tuna. I’ve been fishing for tuna and when you hook into one, it’s like pulling up a 45 gallon garbage can filled with water. Hard work and it takes a while. They made it look so easy. The magic of television!


  4. I enjoyed this episode, loved the ending bit. no more fishing for Steve and Danno and the Cath saying “ouch” to Steve 🙂

    Steve” To Danno’s first fish”
    Chin responds “and his last” LOL!!


    • I just watched this episode where Danno caught that big old Tuna fish! That’s the same episode where they got “boat jacked”, found a dead body and then got arrested in error because the other Port police thought they killed the guy in the other boat [one with ‘seized’ engines!]. Boy did the Port police guy have “egg” on his face when he had to apologize and take the cuffs off Steve & Danno!


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