More of hunky Alex at this year´s SOTB


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5 responses to “More of hunky Alex at this year´s SOTB

  1. BlueEyedMonster

    he is just so pretty


  2. LaHagela (The Tinkler)

    I keep trying ro convince myself I hate him and he’s really not that goodlooking….its not working….at all.


  3. canadagirl66

    Of course I love to see Alex shirtless (not to mention pantsless) but I think I love to see him in a suit even more!!! I know, I know…I can’t believe I’m saying it either. he is just so freaking beautiful and sexy when he wears a suit.
    The closeup gifs are mesmerizing…his eyes and brows are so expressive…but it’s that MOUTH that draws my attention (oh, what he could do to me with that mouth)…and that second to last gif…OMG…the sunglasses and the smirk and the tongue… a deadly combination!!!!


  4. You did notice the gum transfer in the top gifs, right? So odd! And his assistant was smiling so happily and then Alex takes out his gum and gives it to her! lol Assistant´s smile stopped right there…


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