Alex at SOTB over the years

I think the bottom ones are funny. He asks, is that my new Camaro and then says, it´s Danny´s Camaro but it really is mine. 😀



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11 responses to “Alex at SOTB over the years

  1. Jenna

    He´s soooo cute ….


  2. Reblogged this on gem1n12505 luvs H50 cast and crew and commented:
    He looks good


  3. karin@notmcnerd

    Pic #4 — the tongue — THUD!


  4. Jill VanDuyn

    He IS so cute!!


  5. FOYeur

    And his cuteness stayed the same over the 3 years.
    SOTB is clearly his special night!!


  6. canadagirl66

    2010…so beautiful…2011…so cute…2012…so hot…what deliciousness does he have in store for us in 2013?!!!! **sigh** I don’t think I can take it…that’s a lie…yes, I can!!


  7. Oh WOW… Number 4.. the tongue okay, but the biting of the lower lip *thud*


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