#AlexOLoughlin & #ScottCaan – #H50 Buddies fighting over chair space …

Scott: Can you do me a favor. Cause this is my part of the chair, and that´s your part of the chair.
Alex: But my arms…

are so massive…
Scott: It doesn´t matter, this is my chair and that is your chair.

Scott: See, we did it.
Alex: So that´s what basically happens.

Alex: Except we held the abuse back this time, you see. Because we are being…

Alex: This is us now.

Alex: You are just being ridiculous now.

Click on the link to view the video.

Link to video




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19 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin & #ScottCaan – #H50 Buddies fighting over chair space …

  1. FOYeur

    This is just evidence that men never grow up. 😆
    This just show you that the real life Alex/Scott Bromance is alive and well and just as entertaining as the on-screen Danno/Steve Bromance


  2. Reblogged this on gem1n12505 luvs H50 cast and crew and commented:
    so married


  3. doesn’t that remind you a little bit of movie “Dirty dancing”? They’re so cute, just really good friends all the time…


  4. Alex is much more fidgety than Scott.


    • But Scott clearly started this! 😉
      I actually love that Scott is just grinning all the time and Alex is looking slightly ticked off lol
      Oh such fun buddies 😀


  5. Andrea_Briz

    Exactly why I love these guys and the bromance. The real and the tv version!


  6. My favorite is when Scott says “this is my chair, and that is your chair” how Alex takes both his arms off the rests and puts both his hands in his lap, he is probably clasping them together as he was probably taught to as a kid to help him not fidget. So adorable, and Scott’s smile in the final gif, so funny.


    • Alex tries to be smaller, but those chairs are so stupid, why did they have to put them so close together? No wait! I take it back, without this situation, we wouldn´t have this bantering.
      Scott is rarely this happy in interviews, so I do love this one especially 🙂


  7. canadagirl66

    I love this litte clip…I love that Alex says that his arms are “massive” (we know Alex, oh, god, we know)…I love the playful, brotherly banter…I love how at ease they are with each other…I love Alex’s little grin in the 4th gif (so yummy) and I love that Alex brings out the best in Scotty!


  8. Sue

    I loved this, thank you. I just adore the bromance between them and that they also act this way in their day to day lives. Do you have a link to this video. Sorry I apply to this blog cause I just love what you do , all of you. But don’t have a name or anything. Could you possibly send me the link if you would be so kind. Thank you so much. Email is required so I will just put it down there. again thinak you. Oh I see I can click notify for follow up comments via email so will do that. Not the greatest with computers. Take care !


    • FOYeur

      Thank you for commenting Sue.
      I am sure Paula will post you the link when she sees your request
      Trust me, a year ago I also knew nothing about fansites or commenting or any of this….and now I do not live a day without it!!


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