How Follow Friday got started



by | October 5, 2012 · 17:37

11 responses to “How Follow Friday got started

  1. What a smile !!!! It knocks my err Socks ??? off.


    • FOYeur

      Socks….yeh right. 😆
      One of the best moments of season 2
      We realy did not see that killer smile nearly enough!!


      • Exactly! I need to find more of these killer smiles from Steve! I can´t remember, has he ever smiled like this in any other episode!? Anyone? Help!


        • Andrea_Briz

          Doesn’t he laugh in that ep with Danny’s brother, when they are all sitting at the table having dinner? It’s quite a hearty laugh, if I remember correctly. Not sure if that qualifies, though.


  2. Um.. Where is it? Nothing?? What?? OY!!


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