GQ cutie – #AlexOLoughlin 2011

Once in a while I have doubts about Alex (very rarely though). – He just can´t be that sweet.

Then I watch random videos of him, and my doubts are proven wrong, once again.

Here he is paying his respect to Jack Thompson, when accepting his GQ Australia Actor of the Year award.

Funny and gracious.

Ps not sure what he said in the top one, but the tongue came out, and had to be added 😉

Link to video:

Alex O’Loughlin: GQ Actor of the Year Acceptance Speech – 11/22/11

Link to our transcript post of it all:

Alex O’Loughlin – GQ Australia Actor of the Year 2011




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16 responses to “GQ cutie – #AlexOLoughlin 2011

  1. alexsluvjan

    How Adorable is Alex giving his friend kudos and isn’t Alex just SMOKIN HOT in his black suit…YUM!!!! He makes my mouth water and certain other parts too…OH YEAH!!!


    • FOYeur

      I can not think of any other event where Alex looked better in a suit that this spesific occasion at GQ. I wish the stylist for this event, could dress him every time he needs to step out for a special occasion
      Don’t you just want to rip it off him in any case? 😉


  2. Stunning , lovable and Sexy as Hell WHOO HOO


  3. BlueEyedMonster

    I just meet him in Hawaii yeah he is that sweet and down to earth and 10 x better looking in person.


  4. karin@notmcnerd

    BEM — more details, please, please, please


  5. BlueEyedMonster

    I spent a day hanging out in an alley in Honolulu. The 50 crew was filming all indoor scenes so no visible sightings not even a confirm or deny that Alex was even on set. After many hours a black SUV pulls up and out jumps Mr. O’Loughlin to tell us that he heard some ladies were waiting for him and he thought he would stop by to say hello. Alex gave us all a big hug and a kiss, signed autographs and took pictures. Scott Caan was also in the car Alex thought “Scotty” should join us. Which he eventually did,

    At SOTB I meet the security guard who told Alex we were waiting I gave him a big hug and a kiss.

    10x’s better looking and so very sweet and down to earth with illegal eyelashes that is my impression of Alex O’Loughlin


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