Happy Birthday Canadagirl!

October Libras continue celebrating! Canadagirl66 is celebrating her 29th birthday on October 4th. NO ONE on here has ever been reported to turn 30, or more. 😀 It must be The Fountain Of Youth!!

We send you this hunky gift. He comes with multiple pleasures………Emoticon

Happy Birthday!Smiley from FOYeur and Paula Smiley


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10 responses to “Happy Birthday Canadagirl!

  1. Liana

    Xronia Polla Canadagirl. It’s Happy Birthday in Greek.


  2. Happy Birthday,mate! That’s happy birthday in Oz 🎁


  3. cvc

    Happy birthday canadagirl! 29 is a great age!


  4. BlueEyedMonster

    Hey you Happy Birthday. You gonna celebrate or what?
    That is Happy Birthday from NYC!


  5. canadagirl66

    Awww thanks for all the birthday wishes..and from all over the world..I feel so special!!!
    That banner is sooo beautiful..how did you know those are two of my favorite pics of him?!!! I LOVE it..thank you!!!
    ….and it feels great to be turning 29…at least in my head…now I just wish my body felt the same way!!!


    • Those two pics are so great. I was going to use some fresh stills from last episode but these two just took over, and then added a rose (to Foyeur´s horror 😉 ) and some passionate red 🙂 Try it as a screensaver on your computer, does it look better when bigger?


      • Hey Paula, it looks fantastic as my screensaver!!!..and that’s sooo funny that Foyeur hates the rose…I love it!!!


        • FOYeur

          Paula is not telling the whole truth. It’s not that I do not like the rose, it’s pretty and every lady needs to get a flower on her birthday in any case….I just wanted a 3rd Alex picture on there as well. I am a bit greedy when it comes to him… 😀


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