From my dump


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13 responses to “From my dump

  1. OMG Makes me feel like “Dumpster Diving” LOL


  2. heymomo

    This is a very nice dump 🙂


  3. Hmmm…Steve has wandering eyes in #1! LOL!
    Gif #2….aldkf;dlkgh;dflkgdl;kgdkgj;dfgj ::::drooling:::::
    Love the Kevin Hiatt tribute with the last two. 😀


    • I think that first one got the McDanno shippers exited 😀
      The leg work in #5 just making me speechless, it is so masculine. I think I would actually volunteer as a target for him…


  4. I love your dump..your dump makes me feel v.v. good (and dirty)!!! The first one…just standing there, chewing gum, looking sooo sexy! The second one..he needs to wear this outfit again…with or without the blood…I’m not choosy. The third one…such a sweet, infectious smile! The fourth one…OMG…that tongue…makes me tingle in all the right places..okay, okay…in one v.v. special place!! The fifth and sixth one…why is it such a turn on to see this man play with guns?!!!!


  5. alexsluvjan

    OMG that fourth gif ..TONGUE PORN..Makes my mouth Salivate, and makes me wet other places too..


  6. Ale Roma

    Hy, could u please link the video in which Alex is training with the seals? Thank u Alessandra


    • There really wasn´t anything specific in that extra scene. These two gifs that are up here, were the only moments of Alex handling the gun. Then there was a bit of him walking with some military people. It was shot from behind and there were no audio with Alex at all 😦 . The training showed the wanna-bee Navy Seals in training, not Alex. Sorry.


  7. Ale Roma

    Thanks for your reply Paula. I’ve had seen the gifts before in other site but I didn’t understand if three were taken from an extra of season one.
    Bye Ale


  8. Thank you, thank you.. more please! 🙂


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