More to laugh at :D

Alex: What do you want!?

Big Red: Wrap up party next Sunday!

And last but not least. The most sold souvenir in Hawaii,

Bubble-head Steve 😉


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5 responses to “More to laugh at :D

  1. Andrea_Briz

    Love that bit at the end of the S2 gag reel. Snorted with laughter when we watched it. It looks like sooo much fun working on that show.


    • This was a nice surprise in the end, I was wondering where this bit was, since the gag reel was over with the thank you note and then after a long black screen it came up. But as you can see, it was shot by hand held camera and it was all over the place. Alex was the one to take this moment a notch further 🙂


  2. FOYeur

    This is the best ad-lib ever.
    The man is a master of all things in his craft! 🙂
    Even when it comes to having some fun…..


  3. I bet you would laugh until you passed out around him, I’m up for the challenge!!


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